Agatha Muceniece about divorce and attitude towards Pavel Priluchny

Guest of the new release of the YouTube show “Beware, Sobchak!” became Agata Muceniece. The main topic for discussion was divorce, because more than a month ago the girl told that her husband Pavel Priluchny raised his hand to her and, together with the children, kicked out of the house in the midst of the coronavirus.

Was it assault?

When asked if it was really assault, Agatha said:

“This video would not have been recorded if there was no violence, that’s for sure. There are many ways to raise your hand too, but this video wouldn’t exist if there was no reason to shoot it. “

Paul and Agatha

The artist admits that her husband used force against her mainly in a state of alcoholic intoxication:

“But he is also an artist, his nervous background is broken.”

However, as Agatha says, their relationship has always been scandalous:

“He exceeded the physical strength of a man over a woman – yes. We have always had a passionate relationship. We always smashed the dishes, threw plates at each other. That is, this line is difficult to feel when someone crosses it. Our relationship was initially super emotional, yes, an Italian family. And it was even fun at first. We could abandon dishes, smash a rented apartment, and then fix it together. Well this is our relationship. We felt so good. But it is important, apparently, to observe the boundaries of when a person … It’s understandable that a man is stronger, right? “

Cry for help

The actress admits that she now regrets that she spoke about the situation publicly:

“It was a cry for help. It was emotionally, that is, this video was filmed in a state of emotional turmoil. It just happened that he threw my phone away, and it seemed to me that if I didn’t record some video now, then I would not have any proof. It seemed to me that making it public would be salvation. And not only me, but everyone who is silent … Then I somehow regretted that I did it. It seemed to me, probably, it was not necessary to wash dirty linen in public. But what’s done is done. Only a fool does not admit his mistakes “

Pavel and Agatha with family 2

“I love this man”

However, the artist noted that now the issue is closed – she does not hold evil against Paul, she will no longer speak badly about him, and now they only communicate on topics that relate to their common children:

“If I see that a person is confused, that some kind of error has occurred, an error of the soul, a program error … Well, I am confused. It is our parting that will give him now a moment of self-awareness. And I think this is good … I love this man, and I do not want him, in any case, to show in some bad light … Well, how else? Destroy a person? .. You see, I cannot be a teacher for him … I will not sue him. “

Children love dad too

Agatha believes that the main thing when parting is to remain friends and good parents if there are children. Now the girl is completely focused on raising her 4-year-old daughter Mia and 7-year-old son Timofey. She emphasizes that the children do not yet know about the divorce – they were in the house at the time of the quarrels, but they still do not ask questions:

“I explained to Timofey that we will live separately for now … Timosha loves dad very much, so he simply said:“ Mom, well, don’t you swear there, okay? If daddy speaks, just agree, ”the girl says.

Pavel and Agatha with family

A relationship story worthy of adaptation

Recall that Pavel and Agatha met about ten years ago, on the set of the series “Closed School”, where they played a couple in love. At that time, Mutseniece had a fiancé, but Pavel “recaptured” his beloved and began dating her. A year later, the couple secretly married, and a few years later they had a son.

However, in February of this year, Priluchny and Muceniece officially announced their divorce. The couple noted that they remain friends and will continue to raise children together. However, a month later, Agatha published a video on her blog where, in tears, she told that Priluchny had hit her. She also created the show “Honest # Divorce” on YouTube, where she invites divorced stars and discusses the difficulties of parting with them.

Paul and Agatha 3

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