Differences between eyebrow shaping and shaping

Eyebrow architecture or correctionIt doesn’t matter if you take care of your eyebrows yourself or trust the expert, it is better if you understand the terms and techniques yourself. Today I invite you to find out how the “architecture” of eyebrows differs from ordinary correction.

Eyebrow correction is the removal of excess hairs that spoil the shape of the eyebrows and make it sloppy. It is carried out regularly as the hairs grow back.

Eyebrow modeling – creating a new eyebrow shape from the old one. It is carried out in a variety of ways and is not limited to just hair removal.

Eyebrow correction

When extra hair grows around the eyebrow, it starts to look a little messy. And if you do not grow your eyebrows in order to slightly change their shape in the future, you are performing a correction. It allows you to re-give the eyebrows a clear outline, to make them more neat. In this case, the shape of the eyebrows will practically not change.

There are several ways to correct:

  1. As a rule, most women remove excess hairs near their eyebrows. with tweezers… Despite the fact that sometimes this method is unpleasant, it still remains the most popular. Moreover, over time, the sensitivity to tweezers decreases, and hair removal is no longer so painful. If this does not happen, you can make the procedure less uncomfortable by applying a warm compress to your eyebrows or using an anesthetic before it. Next, use tweezers to remove excess hairs and treat the skin with a disinfectant.Eyebrow shaping with tweezers
  2. Recently, eyebrow correction is gaining more and more popularity. using thread… In another way, this method is called trading. It is not so easy to do it yourself: the technique requires high precision and quality material (cotton thread). Therefore, it will be easier to apply to a master for eyebrow correction with a thread, at least for the first time, in order to first understand if this method is right for you, and only then learn to use it yourself. The advantages of the procedure include the speed of execution and the almost complete absence of painful sensations.Eyebrow correction with thread
  3. Eyebrow correction is also used. with wax… However, it is not popular at home. The heated wax is applied with a special stick to the desired area under the eyebrow. A piece of cloth is placed on top of it. After the wax hardens, it is torn off with a sharp motion against the growth of the hair. Then the skin is treated with a disinfectant and a care cream is applied to it. For all its drawbacks, waxing eyebrow correction is the most durable of all existing methods.Eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow modeling

Sculpting or “architecture” of the eyebrows aims to give the eyebrows a shape that will fit the face. In this case, the eyebrows are also dyed. Not only the shape of the face is taken into account, but also the shape of the eyes, hairstyle and preferences of the girl herself.

When it is necessary to resort to eyebrow modeling:

  1. You are not satisfied with the shape of your eyebrows.
  2. It is very difficult for you to maintain the existing shape of the eyebrows with the help of correction.
  3. The eyebrows have no definite shape.
  4. The asymmetry of the eyebrows is striking.

Stages of the “architecture” of the eyebrows

Before modeling the eyebrows, you must first prepare. To do this, you need to grow your eyebrows so that there are more opportunities to choose the right shape. Do not pluck your eyebrows for several weeks before the procedure. Use methods that will allow you to grow your eyebrows quickly. Do not pluck or paint them yourself the day before.

Eyebrow modeling

The procedure is carried out in several stages, each of which is important:

  1. Selection of the shape of the eyebrows, taking into account the proportions of the face and your own wishes.
  2. Preparation of eyebrows for coloring, degreasing and cleansing of eyebrows.
  3. Sketchy markings on the eyebrows, done in white pencil.
  4. The choice of the method of staining (paint or henna) and the desired shade.
  5. Eyebrow tinting.
  6. Correction of hairs that extend beyond the dyed area.

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