Discover the Charm of Treehouse Cabins: Your Ultimate Guide

Everyone who grew up in a rural area, or grew up watching movies about kids who did, is familiar with the basic concept of a treehouse. Treehouse cabins are a little different. They offer the best of both worlds, combining the sense of whimsy and adventure associated with treehouses with the comforts and amenities of cabin rentals.

Why Stay in a Treehouse Cabin?

People travel from all over the world to stay in treehouse cabins, so it’s clear that they hold more allure than a standard rental. What’s great about the increased interest in treehouse rentals is that property owners have been finding ways to differentiate their lodgings far more than is typically the case with standard cabins. Every treehouse cabin has a unique aesthetic and appeal.

Some treehouse rentals are luxurious, while others stick with a more rustic vibe. Some treehouses feature outdoor baths, indoor fireplaces, and even unique details like slides, swings, and hidden compartments. While cabin rentals offer a convenient place to stay for people who want to explore the area, treehouse rentals are the destination.

What to Look For

Before booking a treehouse cabin, guests should carefully consider what it is they’re looking for in a rental. Most people don’t rent these kinds of luxurious treehouses just to have a place to stay, although there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re looking for places to enjoy nature and get away from it all without having to give up all of the comforts of civilization. Here’s what to consider:

1. Location

Begin by narrowing down the location, and don’t forget that there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets to stay in treehouse resorts abroad. There are plenty of options closer to home. Choose one before deciding what time of year to visit because the best season to go will vary by location.

2. Amenities

Everyone feels differently when it comes to amenities. Those looking for a rustic forest getaway may be happy to do without things like Internet access and air conditioning, but most of the time, renting a treehouse cabin means getting the best of both worlds. If one treehouse cabin is too basic, keep looking. The current popularity of treehouse rentals means there should be other options in the area.

3. Attractions

There’s a difference between renting a solitary treehouse on someone’s personal property and staying at a treehouse resort. Having access to restaurants and activities on-site will make the stay more fun, especially for families that have kids to keep entertained.

4. Accessibility

Not all treehouse resorts are equally accessible. Some are best suited for fit and adventurous adults willing to brave long rope bridges or high ladders, while others offer more accessible options. With a little work, mobility-impaired travelers can find treehouse resorts that will accommodate their unique needs.

5. Budget

The great thing about treehouse resorts trending so heavily these days is that there are options to fit every budget. Set one before looking into treehouse rentals, though, because it’s easy to fall in love with luxurious, secluded, but unaffordable options.

Get Excited for Summer Vacation

As spring begins to take hold in earnest, families across the US are already making plans for memorable summer vacations. Why not include a trip to a treehouse resort? Renting a treehouse cabin will be a fun experience for both parents and kids of all ages, but the best destinations fill up quickly. Book now to make sure there’s a treehouse cabin rental available.

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