How to Make Yourself Respect – 27 Ways to Earn Respect

New job – new life. And this means that you will have to again gain authority in the team. Respect for employees does not come naturally. You need to try to get the team to accept the newcomer – or, even more difficult, to recognize him as an unofficial leader.

COLADY will tell you how to make people respect you.


27 ways to earn respect in your team

  • The first rule is to look good at all times. They meet, as the saying goes by their clothes, they only escort them in their minds. Therefore, everything is important – hair, shoes, makeup. You should get ready for work as carefully as for a date. After all, everyone knows that it is more pleasant to work with neat and well-dressed people than with slovenly filthy people.
  • Try to be confident. Speak loudly and clearly. Do not mumble or jabber. Your speech should be calm and confident. And be sure to smile at people!
  • Make eye contact with new coworkers – this emphasizes your interest in communication and suggests that you are not shy in front of them. If you cannot do this, then look at the point between the eyebrows or on the bridge of the nose. And the interlocutor will think that you are looking directly into the eyes.
  • Try to memorize names. Contact immediately by name or first name and patronymic. After all, it has long been known that the most pleasant sounds for a person are the sounds of his name.
  • Be friendly and outgoing. Get involved in conversations, share your knowledge and opinions.
  • Do not allow yourself to be rude and rudeness. Some people need to be cocky towards other people to maintain a sense of confidence. This bad habit has ruined the life of more than one person. If you have one, then fight with it.
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  • Take up more space. An insecure person is betrayed by his modest location in space. He sits on the edge of a chair, trying not to disturb anyone, elbows pressed, legs crossed under the chair. Remember how you behave in a pleasant company to you. And try to take the same postures.
  • Maintain your posture, use less gestures. If you are a leader, then this should be your first rule. After all, the boss should look like the boss – serious, personable and bold.
  • Be sincere. Even if you need to embellish something to make the right impression, don’t do it. This will create a bad reputation for you.
  • Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Keep your word anytime, anywhere. Otherwise, you can be branded as a talker.
  • In any workflow, there are times when you might need your help. This is fine. But, helping colleagues, don’t do it too emotionally… Such total surrender may sound like sycophant to some people. Others may think that you consider them incompetent employees or just stupid people. After all, only small children who do not know how to do anything are so happy to help.
  • Learn to tactfully refuse – so as not to offend the person. After all, due to the fact that it is inconvenient to say “no”, you may not have time to complete the task assigned to you. Politely apologize or offer help after you’ve done what your superiors have told you to do. See also: How to learn to say “no” – we learn to refuse correctly.
  • If you are a leader, it is very important to learn how to protect your subordinates and defend their interests. This does not mean that you will constantly indulge them. This means that what you think about them creates better working conditions for them.
27 ways to make people respect you - how to make people respect you in a team?
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  • Show your concern from the first day at work!
  • Work conscientiously. If a beginner is a lazy person, then the whole team understands that the unfulfilled volumes will fall on their shoulders. And nobody wants to overexert themselves.
  • Constantly study, develop as a specialist, leader and simply as a person… There is no limit to perfection, and your desire to grow will be appreciated.
  • Do some exploration in the early days – take a closer look at the team. Who is friends with whom, what are the conversations about, what kind of people are here.
  • Every team has gossips. You shouldn’t join them, but you shouldn’t wage war with them either. Because you will lose anyway. The best option is to listen to the person and leave under a respectful pretext. Under no circumstances and with anyone should you discuss the news you hear. After all, the ideal way to deal with gossip is complete ignorance.
  • Participate in collective life – it strengthens the team. If everyone is going to a restaurant, to the theater, to the cinema, go to the clean-up day with them.
  • Don’t try to please everyone – it’s impossible… Be yourself. Because individuals with their opinions and ways of thinking are valued everywhere.
  • Learn to enjoy other people’s successes. This emphasizes your goodwill.
  • Accept criticism adequately… You need to listen to her, and if you do not agree to calmly express your opinion. But do not shout, do not get personal and do not be offended.
  • Accept people for who they are… You should not impose your opinion, your own ways of solving problems and the organization of working moments. Everyone decides for himself how to live and how to work.
  • Determine immediately who you report to. And only follow the instructions of superior people. Since in almost any team there are fans to command newcomers.
27 ways to make people respect you - how to make people respect you in a team?
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  • Try not to show excitement – breathe deeply.
  • Don’t make yourself a nerdy know-it-all. The first days, simplicity will not hurt.
  • Don’t open up completely in front of your coworkers. And this rule applies not only to beginners. Not everyone needs to know what problems you have at home, what kind of relationship with your husband and children. Why wash dirty linen in public? There is a world into which there is no entrance to outsiders. Let your colleagues only know about your marital status.
  • Do not indulge in idle chatter in the workplace. Sad fact: instead of completing the assigned tasks, chatterboxes come to work just to chat. They are trying to fire these employees as soon as possible. Neither superiors nor colleagues like them.

Commentary by social psychologist Alena Dubinets

Alena Dubinets

To earn respect in a team, you need to behave with dignity. This is a banal phrase, but very meaningful. My recommendations:

  1. Always greet your work colleagues.
  2. Don’t ignore them.
  3. Listen to colleagues when they talk about their failures at work, but don’t let them cross their boundaries.
  4. Always keep an eye on your appearance.
  5. Don’t let your co-workers hurt you in any way. Respond to rudeness and rudeness with dignity.
  6. Never complain to your boss about your colleagues, or do not give specific names.
  7. Support your colleagues when they need it.

The main recommendation is to be human and competent.

How did you achieve respect in the team? Let us know in the comments!

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