Don Garlits Net Worth

Don Garlits Net Worth

Don Garlits was an iconic American drag racing figure known by his nickname of “Big Daddy.” Beginning his career in 1956, he went on to win 17 world championship titles, as well as being inducted into both the National Hot Rod Association Hall of Fame and International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Over his long and accomplished career he set over 100 records during that time.

Don Glenn Garlits was born January 14, 1932, in Tampa, Florida to a low-income family. While working in his father’s garage after school he began racing modified cars as a hobby with first passes reaching 180 mph by 1958 – soon thereafter becoming an established drag racer who helped popularize drag racing as an arena sport.

His success earned him numerous honors, such as receiving a lifetime achievement award from Car Craft magazine and induction into the NHRA Hall of Fame. Known as Big Daddy for his massive size and speed, Garlits famously built Swamp Rat XXX–one of the first streamlined dragsters that broke speed records while earning three consecutive national championship titles–which won multiple speed records as well as an induction into Smithsonian Institution.

Garlits also played an instrumental role in shaping race car design during his career. He created the first rear-engine Top Fuel car, placing engine and transmission behind driver to increase safety by decreasing risk of explosions common with front engine cars; his innovations became widely adopted throughout drag racing.

Don Garlits has been an icon in drag racing for decades and he remains as active today at 87. He still races regularly while mentoring younger drivers to take up drag racing as a career path. Additionally, Don runs the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing located near his Ocala home.

Garlits’ personal life includes his marriage to Patricia Bieger, his high school sweetheart from whom they share two children together. Philanthropically speaking, Garlits supports various causes and charities throughout his community while advocating libertarianism as public supporter of Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential bid.

Don Garlits, an esteemed drag racer and pioneer in drag racing history, owns an impressive collection of vintage cars. Additionally, he was the founder of the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing located at his home in Ocala, Florida and dedicated to its history with an expansive collection of racecars and memorabilia as well as educational programs and events available free to the public.

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