15 ideas on how to compactly fold things in the closet

Organization of storage of things in the closet“First, sort out your things and ruthlessly throw away all unnecessary things!” – Almost all experts in organizing a comfortable space in the house advise us. But how can you ruthlessly throw away what has been spent so much effort, money and memories? Moreover, this thing will still come in handy, this road is like a memory, and this one can be worn when traveling out of town, and so on. Therefore, we will not throw away all these treasures – but we will look for ideas on how to put them compactly and beautifully.

The main task is to accommodate everything that does not fit, while maintaining easy access to things and aesthetics in the closet.

The content of the article:

  1. Organization principles
  2. Fold and hang compactly?
  3. 6 storage ideas for bed linen and towels
  4. Organizational tools

Organization of space in the closet with things and clothes – basic principles

To make sure you have enough space for all of your belongings, you need to use all the usable space properly.

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How to clean and maintain order in the closet – the secrets of experienced housewives

And the basic rules for organizing the “closet” space are as follows:

  • We do not buy a wardrobe, but we order it individually. Moreover, if the space of the apartment does not allow you to put a huge wardrobe on the entire wall or make a beautiful comfortable dressing room. We order the closet right up to the ceiling, so that the things that you take out once a year or two can be put up compactly.
  • We zoning the space in the closet, highlighting zones for each type of things. The narrower the racks and shelves, the more compactly you can fold things.
  • We use boxes for convenience and external aesthetics. You can use shoe boxes, beautiful designer boxes, baskets or transparent containers. On each box, you can stick a sticker with the inscription, so as not to forget exactly where your favorite T-shirt with a yellow smiley and a swimsuit are, which can be worn in 3 ways. Organization of storage of things in the closet
  • We lower the most popular things to eye level. Everything that we wear less often is at the bottom, the rest is at the very top.
  • When ordering furniture, plan more drawers at the bottom of the cabinet! They save space and allow you to compactly and beautifully fold things, at the same time hiding them from prying eyes.
  • Don’t miss a single centimeter of cabinet space! Even the doors must be engaged!
  • Remember the seasonality! Separate your spring, winter and summer clothes right away so you don’t have to dig out flip-flops and trendy shorts between sweaters and socks with deer.
  • If you are a true fashionista and you can get lost in your closet, then separate things also by shadesto make it easier to find a yellow blouse with black trousers. You can even arrange things with a “gradient” so that pleasant color transitions please the eye of every perfectionist guest.
  • We use all modern devices designed to facilitate the search for things in the closet – from baskets and containers to special hooks and hangers.

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How to compactly fold and hang things in the closet – 9 ideas for storing clothes

Of course, it’s much easier to shove things up the shelves in a hurry. But usually chaos begins in the closet as early as 3-4 days, so it is better to immediately decide on the options for storing things – and then adhere to the created order.

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How can you keep things compact?

  1. Socks. Carefully put one sock on top of the other, roll both into a tight roll and put the top of one sock on top of the other to secure the “success”. Or we put a thin elastic band on the roll. It is the tight roll that makes it compact! Now we take out the box, divided from the inside into neat cells with cardboard partitions (the average cell size is about 15 cm), and put our colored rolls into it.
  2. If you are already tangled up in your short (and not so) skirts, and are tired of pulling them crumpled from the piles of clothes, because there is not enough space in the vertical compartment, then we use a chain hanger. On which we already hang special thin hangers vertically from top to bottom. We choose hangers with clothespins to hang skirts neatly and quickly. However, if there is no vertical space at all, then you can roll up into rolls and skirts too! To do this, fold the skirt in half (lengthwise, of course), and then roll it up and put it in a box. This method is no less compact and convenient. Organization of storage of things in the closet
  3. We also roll T-shirts and T-shirts into neat rolls… Or we use a special express method of folding them (fortunately, there are enough such instructions on the Internet today). Next, we lay the T-shirts with a “gradient”, according to the intended purpose or according to another type of separation. However, to save space, you can, like skirts, hang T-shirts on a vertical chain, on thin hangers.
  4. Jeans. These clothes take up a lot of space in the closet! Moreover, it is almost impossible to find the right jeans, especially if there are 10-12 pairs of them. The “roll” method will again help us to fold the jeans compactly: we fold the jeans in half and roll them into a tight roll. Thus, the jeans do not wrinkle and take up less space. We put the denim rolls in a tall box or lay them out on the shelf so that the “core” of each is visible.
  5. Underwear. As you know, there is never too much of it. And the issue of storage is always acute. You can fold panties in rolls, rolls, envelopes, and just squares. The main thing is to find a convenient storage location. And the most convenient place for panties is, of course, a drawer or a box with cells. Dividers in the drawer can be made by yourself or purchased at the store. Special boxes for underwear are sold everywhere today. And if you want to save money, then an ordinary shoe box with cardboard cells will do. In addition, the panties can be folded into a beautiful neat laundry organizer case with a zipper (a very fashionable device for storing linen today).
  6. Bras. These items are quite voluminous, and simply throwing them into a bag is inconvenient, ugly and impractical. What can be done? If there is a separate compartment of the vertical space, hang it on soft hangers. Option 2 – a chain and vertical placement of all bras on hangers on it at once (the chain can be hung directly on the inside of the cabinet door). Option 3: a box or a box, in which we put bras vertically one after another, cup to cup. And option 4: we throw each “bust” over the hanger bar – about 3-4 bras will fit on one hanger. The hangers themselves – in a vertical compartment or on a chain. Organization of storage of underwear in the closet
  7. Handbags. We make beautiful vertical compartments for them on the top shelf of the cabinet – handbags should not wrinkle. Or we hang it on the door – on special hooks.
  8. Scarves. They sell special hangers with rings. One hanger can have up to 10 large rings – we thread our scarves through them so that they do not wrinkle and hang in one place.
  9. Straps and other small accessories we also place them in boxes with compartments, containers or on hangers.

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6 ideas for storing bed linen and towels in the closet

Few people think about the fact that bed linen can be stored in different ways.

For instance…

  • Separate stack for duvet covers, separate for sheets, separate for pillowcases.
  • Storage in pillowcases… Each set is in a pillowcase of its own color. Neat and compact. And the main thing is that you don’t have to look for anything. Storing towels and bed linen in the closet
  • Each set is in its own pile, tied with a beautiful wide ribbon… Refined and for the non-lazy.
  • Rolls… The option is suitable for both towels and bed linen. You can store it directly on shelves or in boxes.
  • In vacuum bagsif you have a shortage of space. But then do not forget to divide the laundry according to seasonality (according to the density of the material).
  • In boxes / wardrobe trunks of the same style. Large – for duvet covers in rolls. Smaller – for sheets. And the third is for pillowcases.

And don’t forget the lavender bags!

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Video: How to fold and store towels?

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Useful tools for organizing the order in the closet correctly and conveniently

To simplify the organization of the space in the closet, you can use special tools. The list of these devices is limited only by your imagination, because most of them can be made on your own.

So, in the closet may come in handy:

  • 2-tier boomsto hang skirts and T-shirts in 2 rows.
  • Pockets and hooks on cabinet doors under bags, belts, jewelry, etc.
  • Hangers with chains for vertical storage of things.
  • Wardrobe trunks, baskets and boxes.
  • Thick tape for creating cells in boxes and boxes.
  • Big rings for scarves.
  • Shoe Organizers & Shoe Racks, on which you can hang shoes and sandals at the bottom of the vertical compartment.

Fixtures and organizers for storing things and clothes in the closet

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