Dr Selwyn Smith St John Of God

Dr. Selwyn M. Smith is a consultant psychiatrist and a board-certified psychiatrist at St John of God Health Care, a private hospital in Melbourne, Australia. His areas of expertise include psychiatric disorders, abnormal illness behaviour, and social outreach. Throughout his thirty-year career, Dr. Smith has maintained his interest in the field of psychiatry and worked as a Visiting Medical Officer at the Saint John of God Health Care Hospitals in Richmond and Burwood, Victoria.

Smith is a Fellow of the Australian Psychiatric Association, a position he has held for several years. He has been honoured with a number of awards, including the Doctor with Honors Award and the Best Dissertation Award. For his recent study on Battered Child Syndrome, Dr. Smith has been awarded the Bronze Medal. This recognition comes as no surprise, considering his impressive background.

The St John of God Medical Centre is a specialist in psychiatric conditions. Located on Grantham Street, this medical facility offers three CPD points to doctors. The hospital also treats a variety of psychiatric conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder. The staff members at this renowned facility are experienced, friendly, and highly trained in the field of psychiatric care.

Dr. Smith is a board-certified psychiatrist and Fellow of the Australian Psychiatric Association. He has received numerous awards for his outstanding research and services over the years, including a Doctor with Honors Award, the Best Dissertation Award, and a Bronze Medal for a recent publication on Battered Child Syndrome. Currently, Dr. Smith accepts private health insurance.

Dr. Smith has been a Fellow of the Australian Psychiatric Association since 1995. He has received numerous awards and has a private practice in Burwood, NSW. Currently, he accepts patients with private health insurance. While he is a psychiatrist, he has also worked as a therapist and a psychologist. Besides treating psychiatric conditions, he has published over 20 books and has received a Silver Medal for her work on Battered Child Syndrome.

In addition to providing treatment to patients, Dr. Smith is also a Fellow of the Australian Psychiatric Association. Her publications have earned her international recognition. Currently, she practices psychiatry at St John of God Psychiatric Hospital in Burwood, Australia. She accepts private health insurance and has a private practice in the state of New South Wales.

Dr. Selwyn Smith is an Australian-based psychiatrist. She has a private practice in the city of Burwood. She accepts most major health insurances, including Medicare and other private insurance policies. She is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a distinguished member of the medical community. And if you’re looking for a psychiatrist in Sydney, she is the right clinician for you.

Dr. Smith is a psychiatrist with more than ten years of experience. She works in the Burwood area of Sydney, and accepts private health insurance. For further information, contact her. She will be happy to assist you. The clinical director of St John of God Psychiatric Hospital, Sydney, is available in the city’s suburbs.

At the St John of God Medical Centre, Dr. Smith’s office is located at 3 Grantham St, Burwood, NSW 2134. She has a background in neuroscience. She is an expert in trauma. Moreover, she has a PhD in psychology and is a highly-trained therapist. The therapist is experienced in dealing with trauma-related disorders.

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