Elettra Lamborghini Net Worth

Elettra Lamborghini is a rising star who has gained popularity through her diverse music, appearances on TV shows and social media accounts. Her debut album, Twerking queen, has attracted more than 6,000,000 followers. Her social media accounts have more than a million followers. She is also a successful wife to a model. She has an Instagram following, where she posts photos of her and her boyfriend as well as her children.

Elettra Lamborghini is currently worth $10 million. She will reach $10 million by 2021. She is a singer, model, and TV host and is a beneficiary her late father Ferruccio Lamborghini. He founded the luxury automaker Lamborghini in 1963, and his son Ferrucio, also known as “The Italian Killer” on the MTV series, is its current CEO.

Elettra Lamborghini has been acting since she was thirteen. She is the granddaughter Ferrucio Lamborghini who founded the luxury car manufacturer. Despite her family’s wealth, she has remained relatively humble about it. While she may not be showy about her wealth, she has worked hard to make her name. She is an Instagram celebrity and has been able to pursue acting and music.

The singer has had many relationships. She has been dating the famous DJ Afrojack for more than half a decade. She was previously married with Dutch model Amanda Balk, and they have a daughter called Vegas. They divorced shortly after their wedding. Her net worth is estimated at $10 million. Her net worth is steadily increasing. You can now see her in a new role as a TV star on Geordie Shore.

While her celebrity status is rapidly rising, Elettra Lamborghini maintains a private life. She keeps her private information private. This includes her marital status and divorce. She is 25 years old. Her net worth will likely increase with her career. Check out her Instagram to see the latest from her. For now, she is unmarried and has no known boyfriend or girlfriend.

After her successful career in music, the heiress of the Lamborghini fortune is enjoying the best life possible. She is one of the most famous and wealthiest Instagram stars, with a net worth of $25million. She has 42 piercings on her body and has a neck tattoo with the word “Salvaje”, which means wild in Spanish. Afrojack and she got engaged. They plan to tie the knot in 2020. Both have had a successful music career. Afrojack’s singles and albums have won numerous awards and been ranked number one in many categories.

In addition to acting, Elettra Lamborghini has tried her hand at music. She released her debut single “Pem Pem” and her debut studio album, Twerking Queen, in 2018. The album’s release was met with praise, and she has since been a judge on the sixth season of “The Voice of Italy.”

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