Eli Stefansky Net Worth

Rabbi Eli Stefansky

As our schedules become full of other obligations, many find themselves with less and less time for Torah learning. Rabbi Eli Stefansky has taken advantage of his free moments to educate himself and others on the Torah at an impressively high level.

The 8 Minute Daf

R’ Eli is the president of Prime Quest Management and creator of the beloved “8 Minute Daf” video series. Through a variety of charts, diagrams, and illustrations, this program has become one of the most successful daf yomi programs available today.

Eli is a graduate of some of America’s finest yeshivas as well as Eretz Yisroel’s finest schools.

He earned his degree in real estate investing and management, with specialization in apartment complexes throughout Chicagoland and its surrounding suburbs.

His net worth is believed to be several million dollars.

He was recently featured as a speaker at an international tzadikite event in the United Kingdom and has been profiled in multiple mainstream publications.

Investing in the New York Stock Exchange

In addition to his real estate holdings, Eli has also ventured into investing in stocks. His investments of shares of NYSE companies have proved profitable and Eli is reaping the rewards of his hard work and dedication.

He’s even created a website to facilitate buying and selling shares of his company. Thanks to his impressive credentials, he’s managed to attract an impressive following of customers and employees. The website boasts an attractive design and provides detailed information about the business and its properties.

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