Elmore Smith Net Worth

Elmore Smith Net Worth

Elmore Smith stands out among those who have achieved professional basketball fame, rising to greatness through broadcasting. A former NBA player turned broadcaster, Smith is revered for his work. Best known as an announcer on Inside The NBA, Smith also acts and produces documentaries about professional basketball – particularly his time spent as a player and topics related to it.

Smith was born May 9, 1949 and raised by his mother in Macon, Georgia. Although initially not interested in basketball as a child, hearing comments by fellow school bus riders about great players like Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain on their busses inspired him to work hard at becoming an accomplished player himself.

Smith went on to play basketball at Kentucky State University before transitioning into the National Basketball Association where he would earn many accolades and awards. He played with Buffalo Braves, Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers before retiring in 1979. Smith became known for his outstanding shooting ability and shot blocking abilities – often blocking more than one shot per game for each franchise and twice leading the league in total blocked shots!

After retiring from the NBA, Smith discovered a passion for barbecue sauce. While entertaining friends and family at home, Smith began experimenting with various barbecue sauces until one proved most effective for their needs. Over time they developed one they liked and began selling it – it is unknown exactly how much profit this business venture has brought Smith, but it is likely to be quite profitable for him.

Though Elmore Smith may not have started his own tequila line or opened up a casino, his careers as both a basketball player and announcer have left him with significant wealth. His popularity as a broadcaster also makes him immensely wealthy; thus it’s no surprise that his net worth stands in the millions of dollars. With two such lucrative careers under his belt, it comes as no surprise that Elmore Smith ranks among one of the richest NBA commentators of all-time.

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