Emmanuel Straschnov Net Worth

Emmanuel Straschnov Net Worth is $2 Million

Emanuel Straschnov Net Worth of $2 Million French-born entrepreneur Emanuel straschnov is the founder and CEO of Bubble, an easy point-and-click programming platform that allows users to build web and mobile applications with no prior programming knowledge required. After studying at Paris Polytechnique he earned his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Bubble was successfully self-funded for seven years under their leadership with just revenue growth driving growth. Finally, in June 2018 they raised $6.5 Million led by SignalFire.

Just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic to hit, Bubble saw an immediate upsurge in usage and revenue has tripled over the past 12 months. Their new funds will be put to good use recruiting technical talent aggressively.

At its core, this startup is already a multi-national corporation; its employees are spread throughout both America and France. New York-based Emmanuel Straschnov leads American team product development while overseeing overall company product strategy.

Fala Chen Husband

Fala Chen and Emmanuel Straschnov stand apart from most couples by using their complementary talents to boost each other’s careers. She provides public speaking help, employee issues, and analytical thinking expertise at work while his analytical thinking helps solve complex problems at their software firm.

They met while both acting in Hong Kong TVB drama Steps, No Regrets, and Triumph in the Skies II in 2008. Five years later they married; even with busy lives they always make time to spend quality time together; both jobs offer unique challenges that enable them to support one another when things are tough.

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