Japanese test (cocology) – immerse yourself in your subconscious

We want to assure you that few tests are as informative as this Japanese test. Such psychological tests were collected in the book “Cocology” authorship Tadahiko Nagao

They focus on the analysis of the inner “I” based on the theories of Jung and Freud. They present a series of questions designed to reveal a person’s attitude towards love, family, work and other areas of life.

Let’s call this a game for self-knowledge, and this particular cube test Is one of the most popular exercises in the book.

japanese test
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren

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What’s so special about this test?

This test will force you to dive into your own subconscious to catch something that you may not even know about. As a result, you will get a deeper and more realistic view of who you are as a person.

Are you ready to try it? Then go step by step!

Japanese test - immerse yourself in your subconscious with a cube game

  1. First, imagine that you are in the desert. It is huge and almost infinite, but it contains a cube.

Can you see him? How big is it? Is it submerged in the sand or on the surface? Or maybe this cube is hanging in the air? Does the cube move and what is it made of?

Think for a moment, and then move on to the next question.

  1. As you watch the cube, you also notice that there is a staircase nearby.

What is it made of? Is it short or long? Old or new? How is the staircase related to the cube?

  1. Now imagine that a horse appears in this desert.

Is she moving? If so, in which direction? What does a horse look like?

Try to describe it or even draw it as best you can.

  1. Then imagine flowers in this desert.

How many colors do you see? How do they look in relation to other objects in the desert? Where and how do they grow?

  1. Did you take your umbrella with you? Heavy rainfall is coming!

How much stronger is the wind? Is the thunderstorm far away, or are you right in the middle of a downpour? Does thunderstorm affect horse, cube, flowers and stairs?

What does all this mean? How do you decipher your answers?

Japanese test - immerse yourself in your subconscious with a cube game

1. The cube represents your ego

If the cube in your imagination is large, you are probably a very confident person. If the cube is small, then most likely you are shy and modest.

If the cube is immersed in sand, then you are a person who thoroughly plans everything for the distant future. If the cube is on the surface, then you are an enterprising person who prefers to solve current problems.

A moving cube means that you are thinking outside the box and avoiding conventions, rules, and instructions.

2. The stairs are your friends

If you see a ladder in contact with a cube, it means that you are very attached to friends and rely on them in everything. If the stairs are separate, you try to be independent.

If the stairs are below the cube, your friends consider you to be an authority. If the cube is flush with the stairs, you and your friends are equal in relationship. If the ladder is higher than the cube, you obey and obey your friends.

If the stairs are small and short, it means that you are choosing a small circle of friends. If this is a long staircase, then you are an extrovert, you have many friends and acquaintances.

3. The horse is the image of your partner

If the horse you imagine looks like a powerful and sturdy animal, then your partner is reliable, responsible and hardworking.

If you saw an elegant and graceful horse, then your chosen one loves himself and wants to be indulged and pampered in every possible way.

If the horse is far from the cube or is moving in the opposite direction, then you are completely different from your partner, and your interests and aspirations are also different.

4. Flowers symbolize children

The number of imaginary colors corresponds to the number of children you would like.

If the flowers are located close to the cube, you are striving for a trusting relationship with your children or have already built them.

If the flowers are far from the cube, then you are an authoritarian parent and you want to tightly manage the upbringing process.

5. Thunderstorm and downpour represent your fears

A thunderstorm that you have imagined somewhere in the distance? This means that you live calmly and carefree.

If the downpour is near the cube, you are ready for conflicts and obstacles.

If a thunderstorm breaks out directly over the cube, you are now at the mercy of your problems and difficulties.

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