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Father John Misty’s new album, “God’s Favorite Customer,” contains ten new songs and was released on June 1, 2018. It is the fourth studio album by the American artist, who is also known as J.M.Misty. The songs, written during a period of heartbreak, are filled with irony and humor. The songs are based on misadventures he had as a child and his struggles with alcoholism and depression. The music on the album was produced by Josh Tillman and Jonathan Wilson, with Misty working with Jonathan Wilson and the Haxan Cloak on some of the tracks.

God’s Favorite Customer was written over the course of three months in New York. While exploring his own experience of depression and psychiatric issues, Misty took a break from the music scene to write the album. The result was “God’s Favorite Customer,” a melodramatic album about a broken heart and its manic phases. Despite Tillman’s direct and honest approach to songwriting, the lyrics are often so dark and bleak that they could easily be taken as a statement about his own life.

God’s Favorite Customer is a solid, emotional album from Misty. The songs were written in New York during the summer and winter of 2016. The album thematizes the manic phases of a broken heart. The lyrical content is bitter and direct, without a single recognizable hangup or wit. The record contains several tracks written by Tillman and includes three tracks by J. Tillman.

The new album features a revolving cast of guests, including Haxan Cloak, Natalie Mering of Weyes Blood, and Jonathan Wilson of The Frat Brothers. It was recorded in collaboration with Trevor Spencer and Jonathan Rado. The album also includes guest vocals from The Gallows and the Haxan Cloak band. It has the backing of Misty’s touring band.

‘God’s Favorite Customer’s themes are wide-ranging and cover the manic phases of a broken heart. Though the title may suggest that the album is a “soul-shaker” or a “soul-crushing” album, it is nonetheless an excellent album from an artist with a unique style. Nevertheless, there are no truly universal messages, and the singer’s words are very a personal one.

‘God’s Favorite Customer’ is the fourth album from the legendary singer. It is a resoundingly eponymous album. It was released on the Sub Pop and Bella Union labels on May 3, 2017. The title track “God’s Favorite Customer” was recorded with Jonathan Rado and Trevor Spencer. The song is a resounding hit.

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