Fashionable women’s coats for spring and autumn 2015 – 16 trends of demi-season fashion

In the spring and autumn 2015 collections, great attention is paid to coats. Fashion designers presented a huge number of different stylish coat options – from classic variations to bright, unique looks.

So, what will be fashionable this spring and autumn?

  • Men’s styles

One of the most fashionable trends of this year is coats, as if taken from a man’s shoulder. It’s no secret that men’s things have always looked original on fragile female figures, and the coat was no exception.

This look can be complemented with a stylish masculine-style hat, which is also one of the trends of the current year.

Patch pockets, rough fabric, straight lines – this is exactly what can be found in the latest collections.

men's styles

More recently, oversized clothing has become popular. Oversized and even a little baggy outfits are gaining more and more popularity among young fashionistas. Oversized coats are no exception, and this year many fashion houses have presented new collections of coats in this style.

Some fashion designers have given coats oversized sleeves, and in some cases have increased the shoulders, which undoubtedly emphasizes the waist.


  • Coffee shades

Coffee-colored coats will be popular this season. It can be coffee with milk, or it can be strong black coffee. These colors have always been popular, but this year they have become really widespread.

coffee shades

Who does not know what the style of the 60s is expressed in? We will tell you! The main feature of this retro coat is its short length and an A-shaped silhouette.

Modern fashion houses are well aware that fashion is cyclical, therefore they use the knowledge gained in the middle of the last century.

The color range in which the coats are made is not limited.

60s style

The wrap coat appears in every fashion collection from year to year. In 2015, the women’s coat was also presented by fashion houses in this style.

Such a coat keeps on a woman’s figure, thanks to a belt or a hidden button, gives the silhouette a feminine look and emphasizes the lines of the body.

In 2015, this coat was diluted with such a stylish element as the collar, characteristic of oversized models.


In 2015, minimalism has gained unprecedented popularity in the entire fashion industry. This direction has “sunk” to the coat.

Such coats are a “blank canvas” that a girl can dilute with bright clothes and interesting accessories, while creating unique images.

A clear straight silhouette and the absence of any decorations – this is real minimalism.


In late spring and early autumn, it happens that you want to put something on your shoulders, but in an ordinary coat it is already too hot.

In this case, a lightweight textile coat comes to the rescue, which may well replace a jacket or cardigan.


  • Cape back in service

A coat of such a style as a cape differs from other models with slots for the arms instead of the usual sleeves.

Today, this stylish outfit can be presented in both a cropped and medium version.

Many people think that a cape coat is a bland option, but modern designers have gone beyond what is permissible, and now you can find a brightly printed coat.


  • Long coats

Another trend in 2015 was the elongated coats, which are ankle-length or even lower.
These wardrobe items can be decorated with a stylish belt and stylish collar, which will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd.

long coats

  • Short models

In spring and autumn, cropped coats with a length above the knee will be especially popular.
Such a coat will suit absolutely any wardrobe and occasion, so it should hang in the closet of absolutely every girl.

It can be fitted or loose fitting – it only depends on your personal preferences and shape.


In 2015, light-colored coats will be popular. The designers paid special attention to the bright white color and all pastel shades.

Stylists offer a variety of styles, but coats with a minimum of jewelry are popular, as this allows the girl to build her own image, thanks to bright accessories.


  • Red is in vogue

The color red is always striking – this is what almost all fashion houses were betting on in 2015.
Many fashion designers have presented fashionable variations of the coat in a red shade. The designers also used red as a contrasting color coat insert.

This coat will look great in combination with white trousers and red boots.


All the girls, accustomed to attention, have long replenished their wardrobe with stylish things decorated with a bright print.

The coat this season also went through “modernization”, and now at many fashion shows you can find coat models with different prints. It can be both flowers and stripes, colored blots, miniatures, frescoes, animal prints.

The most important thing is not to become a peacock and competently dilute such bright things with a monochromatic wardrobe.


  • Yellow to the masses

Demi-season coats in 2015 delight with their brightness. The yellow color will allow the girl to add a little summer to her look.

A cropped yellow coat will go well with white jeans. This wardrobe item will dilute the image and enhance the mood.


In 2015, both male and female models with a fitted silhouette are adorned with fur.

Quite often, not only the collar, but also the sleeves are decorated with fluffiness.


Coats with leather inserts are the trend of 2015.

This element is perfect for all types of coats – be it a man’s type, or a coat with a retro look.

Genuine leather coat inserts go well with leather shoes and bags.


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