Felson Bowman Net Worth

Felson Bowman Net Worth

Bowman Family Holdings has been actively engaged in Mining, Agriculture and Real Estate for four decades. Felson Bowman established Solar Sources Inc in 1974 to mine coal used to power homes and businesses throughout Indiana. Over time this venture grew into the largest privately-owned coal producer in the Midwest with operations in three states as well as trucking services, car washes, commercial livestock including turkeys, cows and hogs in three states, specialty egg operations and an underground coal mine run by his daughter Jackie (John Cangany) Bowman Ponder and Fred Bowman both running these businesses today.

Bowman dedicated himself to his family and was constantly working to make them successful. He spent hours at their sporting events, practices, recitals from little league through college; hunting, golfing and photography were also passions of his. Furthermore, he was actively engaged in local, state, and national politics; supporting Republican candidates that would best represent Indiana.

Tech High School and Butler University graduate, he went on to serve Marion County as Deputy Sheriff where he helped form its inaugural canine unit. Subsequently he practiced criminal and civil law at Lewis, Bowman, St. Clair & Wagner law firm, before being admitted into both Indiana Bar and U.S. District Courts for Southern District of Indiana courts.

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