10 happiest professions in Russia for women

As soon as we talk about women’s professions, many people think of nurses, flight attendants, teachers, accountants, etc. And if we are talking about the happiest professions for women? Thinking? Your attention is the rating of the most positive professions of Russian women.

Happy professions for girls

  • Artist
    A profession in demand at all times and in many areas of life. It is the artists who bring the ideas of ordinary people and designers to life, design magazines and newspapers, create masterpieces for a special atmosphere in our homes. A modern artist must draw with his hand and on a tablet, have his own recognizable style, constantly hone his skills and acquire new skills. Profession benefits: creative work, the possibility of development, the choice of a field of activity (from cartoonists, animators and “free” artists to art director, production designer, etc.), high salaries, recognition and useful contacts, self-realization, freedom of expression, permanent creative “flight”.
  • Journalist
    This creative profession combines the most diverse areas – literary workers and TV and radio presenters, correspondents and reporters, commentators, work in the Internet media and advertising agencies. Of course, work is not sugar, it requires certain knowledge, talents and “sacrifices”, but a journalist is a profession that is socially significant, prestigious and in demand. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the inexhaustible opportunities for communicating with interesting people, frequent business trips, a lot of new emotions, participation in various spheres of social life, a constant change of impressions, excellent salaries, career growth, mastering related fields and even the opportunity to open your own business over time.
  • Florist
    Calm, beautiful, creative and positive in every sense. Of course, one love of flowers a little – you cannot do without imagination, taste and certain knowledge. The first and second are given from birth, but knowledge can be obtained in ordinary courses. The amount of salary depends on the place of work, talents, creativity and the size of the city. Florists not only make bouquets to order, their work includes the design of festive halls and decor items. Weddings, anniversaries or other holidays – a florist will always be in demand and useful. Among the pluses – decent wages, positive emotions, the opportunity to solidly “cheat”, participation in exhibitions, useful acquaintances that grow (with talent and responsibility) into long-term cooperation.
    Happy professions for girls
  • Beautician, make-up artist
    The mood of a person, his sense of himself in this world, self-confidence largely depends on them. This is a profession that empowers a woman – be a bit of a sorceress and turn gray mice into real princesses and princes. The advantages of the profession are many. This is the prestige of work, and decent earnings, and the trust of people who can no longer do without you, and creative moments, and a lot of useful knowledge without which this profession is impossible, and career prospects, and (under certain conditions) very solid acquaintances. with famous people.
  • Actress
    Someone devotes themselves to this profession in the name of art, someone – for the sake of notoriety… But both of them draw positive emotions from their work, despite sometimes crazy work schedules and specific difficulties. Because the main thing is the people around in the process of work, endless creativity, quite decent earnings and the audience’s “return” of the emotions and efforts you put in. That is, recognition.
  • Designer
    In this profession, a woman gets the opportunity to fully reveal her creative potential and succeed, both financially and in fame. The designer dictates new directions to the world, brings fresh ideas into everyday life, creates beauty from the ordinary, without forgetting about comfort and convenience. One of the most attractive, positive, demanded and highly paid professions today, which includes many narrow specializations – landscape designer, fashion and interior design, web designer, etc. Profession advantages – creativity, free schedule, the ability to work in an office or at country couch, demand, high salaries and … the right to make mistakes. Designer mistakes can always be corrected.
  • Travel agent
    Many girls strive to get into this profession. Because a travel agent means serious opportunities in career advancement, new knowledge, constant travel (business trips), paid for by tour companies, serious discounts on vouchers for yourself and your loved ones, and just an interesting busy job.
    Happy professions for girls
  • Photographer
    A profession fashionable at all times, requiring certain talents and knowledge, and opening the door to recognition and serious income. True photographer – this is a person who is able to see beauty even where there is none. And able to notice what everyone else passed by without looking back. This creative work with a (usually) free schedule can be easily combined with relaxation, while developing your inner creativity, networking and practice, and expanding your circle of acquaintances. You can become a children’s photographer or generalist, you can photograph weddings or arrange photo sessions by renting an office for these purposes. Or you can “give up” to an advertising agency or journalism for a career. In any case, a lot of positives, prestigious work and decent income await the photographer.
  • Dog breeder
    Undoubtedly, love for smaller brothers is a prerequisite. And certain knowledge will not interfere – without them it is impossible to start this activity. Of the advantages of work: a comfortable existence, the possibility of development (for example, the same grooming and trimming quite solidly replenish the family “egg-box”), endless positive. It is not so easy to become a breeder, but it is not difficult either; if you wish, in addition to cynological and veterinary knowledge, you should complete special courses (for example, at the cynological federation).
  • Fitness instructor
    Ladies in this profession never suffer from depression. They are well-groomed, beautiful, fit, have a prestigious job with solid salaries, adoration of students and fans, the possibility of development, useful communication and career growth (from an instructor to the owner of their own fitness center, etc.). An open-minded profession. After all, a fitness trainer is not only a master of drawing up diets and jumping in the gym to music, but also specialist in dance, aerobics, gymnastics, medicine, etc. Able to listen and hear, creative and energetic, always positive.

Happy professions for girls

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