Fitness rubber bands – how to choose rubber loops for your workouts

Fitness rubber bands - benefits and effectiveness, the choice of rubber loops for workoutsMore recently, fitness rubber bands have burst into the sports industry – and have become one of the most popular and affordable exercise equipment for exercising at home, at the dacha, traveling, in the gym – wherever there is an opportunity to play sports. And it’s understandable why: rubber bands do not take up much space, they are lightweight, inexpensive, and they can pump all muscle groups.

What kind of fitness rubber bands are, how to choose them correctly and how to use them – we will deal with this in the article.

The content of the article:

  1. What is fitness rubber bands, what are they for?
  2. Can fitness rubber bands be hazardous to health?
  3. Benefits of Exercise with Rubber Loops
  4. Where to buy fitness rubber bands, how to choose, how much they cost
  5. Examples of exercises with fitness rubber bands

What is fitness elastic bands – varieties of rubber bands for fitness, workouts, crossfit

A fitness elastic is a wide elastic latex band that can have varying resistance when pulled. It depends on this how difficult it will be to perform the exercise with one or another elastic band.

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The manufacturers have made sure that the projectile can be used by both beginners in sports and advanced athletes, and even better, so that beginners, performing exercises with elastic bands for fitness, become advanced athletes. Therefore, rubber bands are sold in sets with different hardness, and they have different colors to indicate hardness.

Video: A set of exercises for the whole body with a fitness elastic band

Most often, sets with elastic bands of the following colors are produced:

  • Green – the softest elastic and therefore well suited for beginners.
  • Red– the next level in terms of rigidity, also more in demand among beginners.
  • Blue – already has an average level of rigidity, and therefore is suitable for already trained people, with confident physical fitness.
  • Black – the toughest elastic band, suitable for already advanced, “seasoned” athletes.

It should be noted right away that most fitness rubber bands correspond to this order, but the colors may vary, depending on the manufacturer.

Green and red can change places, just as yellow can be changed to pink, and another color can be added to the blue from above – purple, or black, with even greater resistance.

Therefore, it is better to immediately clarify these steps in colors with consultants and sellers in order to know for sure.

Fitness rubber bands - benefits and effectiveness, the choice of rubber loops for workouts

What other resistance bands and elastic bands are there for training?

  1. Ribbon. The tapes are unbonded latex tape that can vary in length. It is often used in exercises where fitness bands are too small.
  2. Tubular expander. Outwardly it looks like a rope with handles. Most often used to work out the upper corset: the muscles of the arms and back.

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Can fitness rubber bands be hazardous to health – contraindications for training with rubber bands for fitness

Most tapes are made from latex… Some are more reliable and tend to be more expensive. But you shouldn’t rush to overpay either. Since in most cases latex is used to make fitness rubber bands, people who are allergic to it are contraindicated to do exercises in which the rubber band would come into contact with the skin so as not to provoke a reaction.

But this does not mean that you cannot use them, you just need to use them in clothes – in long leggings and blouses with sleeves.

Knowing about latex as an allergen, along with the increase in popularity of fitness bands, technologies for making rubber bands from polyurethanewhich does not cause skin allergies. Therefore, those for whom latex is not suitable can also purchase elastic bands made of hypoallergenic material.

However, when choosing bands, you should also focus on the durability of the rubber bands. Over time, they stretch and the tension eases, some break, and it’s just a matter of price and time, how quickly this happens.

And yet, this drawback is the only one that we managed to find. Rubber bands have many more benefits.

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Fitness Benefits of Rubber Loop Exercises – Effectiveness of such workouts

  • Compactness. Elastic bands take up little space and weigh nothing at all, so they can be thrown into a bag for training, and in a suitcase on a trip, and when traveling to the country, and in general – wherever you want, keeping yourself in shape, wherever you are.
  • Availability. The price for a set of elastic bands differs significantly from the prices for the same dumbbells, and there is no question of exercise equipment at all. For comparison: a set of rubber bands, on average, costs 1,200 rubles, and a set of dumbbells starts at 3,500 rubles.
  • Versatility. With the help of rubber bands, you can pump different muscle groups, even the most inaccessible ones.
  • Safety. Exercising with fitness rubber bands, the likelihood of injury is reduced to zero. After all, the specificity of the projectile itself is that all exercises are performed slowly, accurately and accurately.
  • Easy to use. Even children can perform exercises with ribbons, because everything is simple and clear.
  • Efficiency. This is perhaps one of the most important points. Performing exercises with ribbons, you can “get” to the most inaccessible and untreated muscles by changing the angle of the exercise, the stiffness of the tape, as well as a variety of exercises that are difficult to design when working with simulators or other equipment.

The effectiveness of fitness rubbers in training

Where to buy fitness rubber bands for workouts, how to choose and how much they cost today – all the secrets of choosing

There are a lot of manufacturers of fitness rubber bands.

Some, in pursuit of the desire to save money, order ribbons on Aliexpress. The prices for sets of rubber bands are really lower there, but it should be borne in mind that this cheapness is achieved, first of all, due to the quality of the rubber used. Therefore, even well-known brands on AliExpress, such as ProCircle or Silite, do not guarantee that the rubber bands will not tear after a couple of weeks of training.

WORKOUT store is one of the leading companies in Russia that sells rubber bands of all types, including long and short rubber loops. A set of 4 loops WORKOUT Mini bands made of natural hypoallergenic latex and a gift bag for carrying them has good reviews and many recommendations among popular fitness bloggers and costs only 3800 rubles.

Fitness rubber bands - benefits and effectiveness, the choice of rubber loops for workouts

Application Range of Rubber Bands – Exercise Examples

What exercises can you do with fitness rubber bands?

Legs and buttocks


  • Place the elastic on your hips closer to your knees.
  • Perform a squat, making sure that your knees do not go beyond the extreme point of your feet.
  • Keep your back straight, do not lift your heels.
  • Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Leading the leg forward / sideways / back:

  • Place the elastic on the lower leg, closer to the feet.
  • Stand up straight, do not bend over.
  • Perform leg abductions alternately forward, sideways, and backward.
  • Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps per leg.

Elastic bands for fitness - benefits, rules for choosing rubber loops for training

Back and arms

Vertical and horizontal stretching of the elastic.

  • Take the elastic in your hands.
  • Stand up straight, do not bend over.
  • Slowly spread and bring your arms first vertically, then horizontally.
  • Perform 3 sets vertically and horizontally for 10-15 reps.

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