Frank Martin Net Worth

Frank Martin Net Worth

Frank Martin Net Worth has become an iconic American basketball coach since 1985. Since then he has coached for various universities such as Northeastern University, South Carolina and Kansas State; winning several accolades such as Big 12 Conference Men’s Basketball Coach of the Year after leading Kansas State back into NCAA Tournament competition for the first time in two decades and earning him his annual salary of around $1.2 Million.

Coach Martin-Harris is also a highly successful businessman, possessing an impressive portfolio of stocks. Founded in 1977, Martin-Harris Construction completed various projects around Las Vegas such as O’Sheas casino and Tahiti Village; their client list also features celebrities and sports figures.

His annual income tops $1.2 million, yet most of his wealth derives from investments. With great discipline and attention to detail when researching stocks, this individual invests in companies with lasting competitive advantages and no or minimal debt burdens; additionally, they tend to invest in stocks with lower price-to-earnings ratios as well as those belonging to founding families that have skin in the game.

Personal: Martin is married to Anya Forest and they share three children together. One son, Brandon Forest, joined the South Carolina Gamecocks men’s basketball team after transferring in 2021 from USC Upstate; along with his teammates he has won multiple awards during his time there. Martin himself is an accomplished golfer as well and has won multiple tournaments throughout his career.

He stands at an impressive height and boasts impressive physique. Known for his fighting spirit and positive outlook, his winning attitude has inspired many people. However, he remains very secretive regarding his personal life, giving out little information to the general public.

The coach and his wife share an exceptional bond, but it required hard work for it to grow. Their initial meeting wasn’t easy – in fact it took him seven attempts before finally asking her out!

Current family life for this couple includes three daughters and one son. Amalia is currently playing women’s basketball for South Carolina Gamecocks while Brandon currently joins their men’s basketball team.

Martin has an upbeat personality and winning attitude that have enabled him to experience tremendous success both professionally and personally. He works diligently, always seeking perfection in everything he does; an inspiration to young players and coaches alike. Furthermore, his hard work and dedication has brought great rewards in his career; an excellent father and husband who always supports their family; very careful when it comes to maintaining his health by attending fitness classes regularly in order to stay in shape; enjoying spending quality time with his kids watching them play basketball while sharing in some fun game plays together!

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