determine which of the three men is lying to his wife

How well do you “read” people? Do you think you are overly gullible and even a little naive person who can be surreptitiously or even openly manipulated?

If you have pondered this question, then you need to learn how to stand up for yourself. And with this, your body language and sign reading skills will help you.

By the way, these skills are especially valuable and important in relationships, because often women trust their partners so much that they cannot even imagine that they are deceiving them.

Allan Pease, an Australian expert on body language, has explored everything there is to know on the subject and summarize his observations in a book “Body language. How to read the thoughts of others by their gestures “, which has long been a global bestseller. And the author himself received an unspoken title “Mr. Body Language.”

Today we invite you to test your skills and abilities in recognizing veiled lies. Ready?

The challenge is simple. One of the three men in the picture is cheating on you. Can you bring a liar to clean water?

Take your time with the choice. Consider each of them carefully.

Test: Take a close look at these three men.  Which one of them is lying to his wife?
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

So the correct answer is …

Test: Take a close look at these three men.  Which one of them is lying to his wife?

The deceiver is male # 2.

Male 1

He stands in the so-called closed position with his arms crossed over his chest. This is the most common gesture that indicates that a person is experiencing discomfort at the moment. He wants to close and isolate himself from everyone, but the fact that he is openly deceiving you is unlikely. Rather, he wants to be simply left alone.

Male 2

The man covering his mouth with his hand is our key deceiver. He’s clearly lying. He does not seem to want to deceive, he is ashamed of it, but still lies.

Male 3

The man clutching his hands is upset and kind of cornered. He wants to hide his negative attitude towards his wife, but he is unlikely to deceive her.

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