Frank Suarez Net Worth

Frank Suarez Net Worth

Frank Suarez was an expert on nutritional and metabolic issues who was highly popular on YouTube and through writing health-related books. Unfortunately, at age 71 he suddenly died unexpectedly – the cause remains unclear although many speculate he committed suicide or that weight played some part.

Frank Suarez has worked as an assistant director and miscellaneous crew member on many animated shows and movies as a professional animator and artist, including award-winning programs like The Boondocks and The Book of Life. Nominated for various awards himself, Suarez hails from Brentwood on Long Island in New York State and currently lives there.

Frank Suarez has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million. Suarez founded and served as President of NaturalSlim as well as authoring their best-selling book “El Poder del Metabolismo.” Born in 1950 and living a private lifestyle (he did not even have a Wikipedia page!), Suarez became known throughout Latin American countries with 5 Million books sold – becoming famous health guru!

His academic journey began at a military institution and culminated with a college degree. Standing five feet nine inches, Manuel Suarez maintained an athletic physique throughout his studies and married later on; their son Manuel now works in digital marketing as well.

Suarez earned both his undergraduate degree from Florida International University and law degree from the University of Miami. While in law school, he served as President of Hispanic Student Bar Association and received an academic scholarship. Before being elected Mayor, Suarez worked at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan law firm before being chosen as Miami Mayor.

Suarez supplements his income as a city official through various side jobs that comprise most of his earnings. These have included courting cryptocurrency firms to promote Miami as a technology hub and consulting gigs with real estate developers that have led to investigations.

Suarez has made significant contributions during his time at MCC, instructing multiple courses in biology and environmental science while helping develop Kasey Hartz Natural Area on campus. Additionally, he was actively involved with Life Sciences Herbarium as well as Biotechnical Facility where students learn the value of natural resources.

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