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The Frustrated Gamer and Kyle Forgeard

The Frustrated Gamer, commonly known by his YouTube name Brandon Loreti, is an American YouTube content creator with an estimated net worth of $8 Million and over 160 Million Subscribers who have watched his videos totalling 22.5 billion views! Brandon has built up an enormous fan following through his entertaining content as well as popular gaming series such as Baldi’s Basics, Garry’s Mod, Five Nights at Freddy’s 12 Locks Minecraft Fall Guys to name but a few.

He maintains an active social media presence, engaging with his followers through chats and comments. His channel is monetized, earning revenue through advertisements displayed on the video player; this has contributed significantly to his net worth as well as merchandise sales or other activities.

Kyle Forgeard has amassed an impressive fortune through YouTube pranking. His Nelk Boys brand has become an essential cornerstone of YouTube pranking, while his foresight enabled him to launch Full Send, an impressive beverage brand which has enjoyed tremendous success within the hard seltzer industry – amassing over $100 Million in revenue to date, with Forgeard reaping profits which have helped increase his net worth considerably.

Not only has he made his mark through video gaming channels, he has also ventured into acting and written two books. With such diverse interests comes an array of donations raised for charities that he supports – his wealthy lifestyle has raised some controversy but he continues to build his empire despite this setback.

He has an expansive business portfolio and travels the world extensively; his awe-inspiring culinary talents have earned him the nickname of “Kitchen Ninja.” Additionally, his followers love engaging with him on social media. Fame and talent in the culinary field have helped him amass an enormous net worth. His fans adore his unique approach to cooking and can always rely on him for new recipes and exciting entertainment tricks. Upgrade to a premium account to unlock HypeAuditor’s full report and gain access to more insightful data on millions of other Instagram influencers, such as their latest net worth updates and how much money they make per post – metrics which could prove essential in growing your business.

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