should a woman dress sexy?

How do men feel about sexy clothes on women? Does she attract them or, on the contrary, frightens them off? And where, in their opinion, is the line between sexuality and vulgarity?

Each of us at least once asked such questions, because even those girls who dress exclusively for themselves cannot completely ignore the wishes of their partners.

Bologny magazine conducted a study in which more than 50 people took part, and found out what men think about revealing clothes and sexy looks.

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Eternal question

A modern girl often has a very difficult time in matters of drawing up a wardrobe that would appeal not only to her, but also to her companion or potential gentleman.

  • How to dress attractively enough without appearing frivolous?
  • Do men like sexy clothes or do they prefer to see shy women next to them?
  • Are tight-fitting styles and deep neckline acceptable in the opinion of the stronger sex?

Today, in various sources, you can find completely opposite advice on how to dress in order to win a man’s heart, and the opinion of ordinary people differs on this issue: some believe that “a man loves with his eyes”, while others are sure that the stronger sex will always give preference a modestly dressed girl.

To solve this dilemma, a survey, in which more than 50 male respondents took part, honestly told how they feel about sexy clothes on girls.

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Only for him

Contrary to the widespread myth that revealing and provocative clothing scares men off, the majority of respondents expressed their approval of sexual imagery. 60.6% of the respondents believed that a girl should always look attractive, almost two times less – 30.8% are sure that sexy outfits on a girl are permissible only when she is alone with her beloved man, and only 6.6% were categorically against any frank images.

“Only for me and in front of me!” – alexsanya_br

Moreover, many males will not suffer from jealousy at all if their beloved often tries on sexy outfits. On the contrary, more than half of the men surveyed believe that the demonstration of beauty and attractiveness by their chosen one is another reason for pride. Therefore, if your loved one is not inclined to such a feeling as jealousy, you can quite afford a bold outfit – he will only be glad to feel like a companion of the most beautiful woman.

“I always admire out loud clothes that emphasize their attractiveness. I admire when she is even without clothes. I do not see that such admiration would have outraged or upset her. I see that she is pleased to please me ”, – 2001photo.

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A fine line

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of designing a wardrobe is keeping the fine line between sexuality and vulgarity. And if the fantasy of the couturier and the fashion industry sometimes allows itself very, very provocative moves (naked breasts, cuts in the most unexpected places, underwear over clothes), then men’s opinion in this regard is somewhat conservative.

As it turned out, the majority of men, namely 70% of respondents, do not accept transparent fabrics and latex (what we often see on the stars and in fashion collections). Another 23.5% will not be happy to see an overly deep neckline or high cuts on their girlfriend.

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And also, many of the respondents believed that the ideal clothing option for a woman is the one that corresponds to the season and the situation, in addition, men are always not opposed to finding a compromise on the appearance of their chosen ones.

“Well, in general, of course, according to the situation, to work in one clothes, on a date – in another”, – pyka_npu3paka

“So that you dress for the season and the situation. And with taste “, – marusialimovak

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Of course, men “love with their eyes” and dream of seeing beautiful, well-groomed and attractive ladies next to them. They are not at all against clothes that emphasize the external dignity of women, the main thing is that it is appropriate and does not go beyond the bounds of good taste.

However, in any case, remember that regardless of male preferences, you are already a person with your own tastes and views. And therefore, choose the style that is closest to you, and there will certainly be a handsome prince who will appreciate you and your image.

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