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We love to admire, discuss and quote great people – those who have made a huge breakthrough in their field and, perhaps, made the world a little better. But sometimes a devilish essence is often hidden behind the images of charismatic sages. Here are 8 men who have become professionals in their work, being ignorant sexists. Their statements make your hair stand on end!

Aristotle considered the opposite sex “despicable creatures worthy of beating.”


On the one hand, Aristotle is a great philosopher, teacher of Alexander the Great, the founder of natural sciences and formal logic. And on the other – a person who maintains the superiority of the “higher beings” over the “weak”. He believed that “A good wife should be obedient like a slave”, and girls are actually a natural deformation.

“A woman is a lower being, an impotent animal, a passive vessel for male“ heat ”.

An active creative form is the fate of a man, while a woman, in essence, is a sterile inert matter that does not have a soul and therefore cannot be attributed to real people. A lower being, a woman, was created only to saturate the animal passion of the thief, to be the target of his rude jokes and the subject of public beatings when the blatar is “walking”.

“A woman is a contemptible creature, inferior, worthy of beatings, unworthy of pity,” he wrote in his Politics.

August Strindberg

August Strindberg

The classic of Scandinavian literature in his first marriage was not at first going to restrict his wife’s freedom: he helped her in her acting career, helped with the household and sat with the children during her tour. But with the acquisition of popularity, the beloved began to treat the upbringing of heirs more and more negligently, and often spent the weekend for debauchery and drunkenness.

Here Augusta jumped in: in anger, he wrote “The Word of a Madman in His Defense”, in which he calls a man a true creator, and considers women “A filthy creature and a pitiful creature with the intelligence of a monkey.” In addition, in his diary, he wrote about the use of physical force on his wife in order to admonish her:

“Now I whipped her so that she became an honest mother. Now I can leave my children to her, since I fired the maid with whom she drank and debauched! “

Friedrich Nietzsche: “Going to a woman? Don’t forget the whip! “

Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche is one of those people who provoked the argument that most philosophers are creepy misogynists. It was not for nothing that he was never married, did not have children, and his first novel known to historians appeared only at the age of 38.

He believed that the purpose of a girl is only to give birth to children, and if she wants to study, then “There is something in her reproductive system, but not in order”… And he also noted that by nature a woman is the source of all stupidity and folly, luring a man and turning him off the path of the true.

“The woman was the second mistake of God … Are you going to the woman? Don’t forget the whip! ”- these catch phrases belong to this particular philosopher.

Confucius compared the mind of a woman to the mind of a chicken


Confucius is known for his wise sayings, but, apparently, he himself was not smart enough to support chauvinism. The Thinker noted that “A hundred women are not worth one testicle”, and the submission of a woman to a man was called “The law of nature.”

In addition, these quotes also belong to this illustrious and great philosopher:

  • “An ordinary woman has as much intelligence as a chicken, and an extraordinary woman has as much as two.”
  • “A wise woman tries to change her appearance, not her husband.”

Mel Gibson threatened his wife with rape by the “flock of blacks”

Mel Gibson

Now Mel is pretending to be an angel, claiming that he has never discriminated against anyone. But his words are at odds with reality – there were a lot of situations that disgraced his reputation. For example, during his arrest in 2006, he shouted to a female police officer: “What are you staring at, busty?”

In addition, after the divorce, the artist once got drunk and flooded the phone of his ex-wife with abusive messages, in which he called her “A fat pig in the heat”, wished to be raped by a “mob of niggas” and promised to burn her alive in his own house.

In addition, the man said the following in his interview:

“Women and men are too different. There will never be equality between them. “

Shakyamuni Buddha did not want women to adhere to his religion

Shakyamuni Buddha

It turns out that even the Buddha, known to everyone – the founder of the whole world religion and enlightener, was a sexist! For example, the Maharatnakuta sutra states that “Although people hate can decompose dead dogs and snakes, as well as the smell of burnt feces, women even more fetid. “

And here are some more statements of the spiritual master:

  • “Women have 84 ugly faces and 84,000 unpleasant faces.”
  • “Women are stupid and it is difficult for them to understand what I teach.
  • “If women were not allowed to our teaching, it would have lived for 1000 years, now it will not live even 500”.

Giovanni Boccaccio almost equated the fair floor with dirt

Giovanni Boccaccio

The creator of the famous “Decameron” was already over forty when he fell in love with a widowed woman head over heels, but she rejected him. Offended by the refusal, he wrote the evil satire “The Crow, or the Labyrinth of Love” in which he ridiculed the unapproachable beauty. The work is written quite roughly and harshly, where he describes girls as creatures, “Striking with their baseness, meanness and insignificance”

In addition, in another period of his life, Giovanni declared that even the most vile and dishonest man in the world cannot be compared with the most developed and educated woman – in any case, he will be immeasurably taller and smarter.

Napoleon called girls “the property of men”


Napoleon is a very controversial person. It combines the qualities of a leader and a savvy commander and a vile person who wants to rule over the whole world and leaves his troops to the mercy of fate. They spoke of him as a man who had an incredible passion to “belittle everything and everyone” and gloat over the humiliated. They could be defeated enemies, and the opposite sex, which he wanted to enslave:

  • “A people, like a woman, has only one right: to be ruled.”
  • “Religion is the most important lesson in a girls’ school. School should teach a girl to believe, not think. “
  • “It is by nature that women should be our slaves. They are our property. “

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