Ghostland Observatory Net Worth

Ghostland Observatory Net Worth

Ghostland Observatory, comprised of Aaron Behrens and Thomas Ross Turner of Texas music fame, is one of the most beloved acts in Texas music today. Their live shows are filled with laser lights, soaring vocals and heavy beats; their sound combines rock, electro and funk genres for an unforgettable performance experience. Ghostland has amassed an extensive fanbase; currently on tour; their distinctive style of music is truly unmatched by any other band in Texas or beyond.

Austin-based electronic duo Codename: Rondo have been likened to Freddie Mercury and Prince. Their latest album, released October 26, 2010, carries this comparison and they plan on touring this year with sold out shows – making this band an essential must see for music enthusiasts everywhere!

Ghostland Observatory takes an unassuming, minimalist approach to their sound in the studio. Their two musicians share a deep relationship with their music; taking pride in each creation they produce and wanting their tunes to speak for itself rather than trying too hard at producing something technical.

Ghostland Observatory creates an atmosphere in their performances where audiences can escape their daily lives for several hours of pure music enjoyment – something any fan of music should experience first-hand! Their show should not be missed!

Behrens wears chest-length braids onstage while carrying out his day job of pushing mail carts and delivering utility supplies to construction sites, while Turner, an electronic duo combining drums, synthesizers, recording, production and managing their band simultaneously as they tour, record production manage the band (all while fathering three children aged 11-4-7 months).

This dynamic duo serves as an inspirational reminder that anything is possible when passion and teamwork combine. Their hard work has paid off; now one of the most beloved bands in America. Their journey provides inspiration to anyone seeking success through music.

Ghostland Observatory delighted their audience at Euphoria festival with their signature style of music – an intoxicating blend of electro, rock and funk that made their performance truly electrifying despite frigid temperatures and became one of the highlights of this weekend-long festival.

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