Tannoplasty – a revolution in hair straightening!

The Salvatore Cosmetics brand was founded in 2008 in Brazil in the city of Sao Paulo. In 2009, the company launched its first line for keratin hair straightening. Being in a constant striving to improve the quality of its products, the company has been developing new technologies every year, relying on expensive high-quality raw materials. Subsequently, this allowed us to improve the quality of products and reach a new level.

Since 2012, the company entered the global market and began exporting to Canada.

Know-how in the hair care technology industry

Tannoplasty - a revolution in hair straightening!

In 2016, Salvatore Cosmetics develops a completely new formula, and later patents it. Thus, the company is making a breakthrough in hair straightening technologies by launching the newest line of TaninoTherapy tannins, eliminating the most harmful substances for hair – formaldehyde and its derivatives. Thanks to this, the straightening procedure became absolutely safe and received an additional property – restoration of the hair structure from the inside. Now, by straightening the hair, the client simultaneously restores it. The exclusive line of the brand with Taninoplastia technology is one of a kind.

Currently, tannoplasty (TaninoPlastia) for hair has appeared in Russia. This is the only organic straightening that truly heals, deeply moisturizes, protects against negative influences and heals hair, leaving it silky and filling it with natural shine. This is an innovation in the world of hair straightening technology. The first organic straightening without formaldehyde and its derivatives, suitable for all hair types. The healing effect is due to organically active tannin.

Features of tannins

Tannoplasty - a revolution in hair straightening!

Tannins are vegetable “polyphenols” from soaked grape skins, chestnuts and oak. At the medicinal level, they accelerate the recovery process due to their anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Tannins are used from the ancients for their exceptional and medicinal properties. It is a valuable resource given to man by nature. Their main advantages lie in the rendered effects, such as antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory. In addition, tannins are able to bind to organic structures, enhancing their positive effects.
It has long been recognized in the scientific world that polyphenol, found in various parts of trees, such as roots, leaves, bark, branches, fruits, seeds and flowers, has a regenerating and transforming function. Therefore, it is actively used in pharmacology.

The pharmacological properties of tannins are effectively used to treat and restore cells in case of damage or allergic manifestations on the skin, to control the production of sebum, and also to combat the spread of bacteria. Polyphenol is used in antibiotics and other medicines to treat a variety of conditions.

Eco hair straightening with tannins

Tannoplasty - a revolution in hair straightening!Thanks to its rich biological diversity, Brazil is a source of a large number of natural ingredients. Today the country boasts over 100 known types of tannins, each with its own specificity. The most noble tannins and the most cosmetically effective extracts from tree bark are used in tanninoplasty.

Through scientific research it has been established that tannins have a beneficial effect, since in their structure they easily penetrate deep into the hair, completely restoring it. Working at the cellular level, TaninoPlastia forms hair by creating a protective layer. This effect makes the hair more manageable, smoother and healthier in a natural way and, unlike other straightening products, does not cause discomfort, itching or allergic reactions. During the procedure, there is absolutely no smell, smoke and harmful vapors, which makes the procedure harmless for both the client and the specialist, without causing irritation on the skin and mucous membranes. It is the naturalness of the composition of tannoplasty that allows pregnant women, women during breastfeeding, people with allergic diseases, the elderly and even children to do it – without restrictions. Before the procedure, there is no need for an allergic test, since there are no allergic reactions to the composition.

Unlike formaldehyde compounds, tannins affect a specific layer of the hair, strengthening and restoring it from the inside, without affecting the center of the hair – the medula. Formaldehydes, on the other hand, act on the outer surface of the hair, creating a protective film that prevents nutrients from penetrating into the hair.

The result of the procedure is perfectly straight, well-groomed and healthy hair. The effect of smooth hair lasts from four months to six months, depending on individual characteristics. Tannins have memory properties, so hair is easy to style. And after straightening, the hair does not lose volume, it remains natural and alive.

Benefits of the Taninoplastia procedure

Tannoplasty - a revolution in hair straightening!

1. Free of chemicals, harmful substances, non-toxic. The composition does not contain formaldehydes and their derivatives. Absolutely safe for both the client and the master. Does not cause allergic reactions and irritation.
2. There are no restrictions on the application, it can be used for any client, for all types of hair. An important plus is that tannins do not give yellowness. Can be used on all hair, even the lightest blond.
3. The product is 100% organic, contains useful substances – tannins.
4. Provides straightening, care and healing effects on the hair at the same time.
5. Hair remains alive, healthy, there is no film effect that prevents hair from nourishing. Later, after the end of the straightening effect, the hair remains soft and elastic, there is no “straw” hair effect, there is no dryness and brittleness. Hair remains healthy.
6. Memory function. After straightening, the hair can be easily styled, retaining its natural volume and shape. The client can independently do styling, curl curls. At the same time, the hair will keep its shape and look natural.
7. Penetrating deep into the hair, tannins create some chains in the form of a web, which prevents the formation of curl. At the same time, the hair remains natural and vibrant.
8. Not tested on animals.

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of tannoplasty lies in its complex effect on the hair. The organic straightening procedure combines care, aesthetic and restorative procedures – this is a real revolution in hair straightening.

Tannoplasty is two procedures in one! Now you do not need to weigh the pros and cons to decide to become the owner of straight hair. Tannins do not harm the hair, they repair damage, improve the appearance and straighten them safely.

Taninoplastia helps you get perfectly straight hair without damaging it.

Vladimir KalimanovExpert opinion of Vladimir Kalimanov, chief technologist of Paul Oscar:

A common mistake is to combine keratin straightening and tannin therapy, these are different types of straightening. Tanninotherapy refers to acid straightening that does not contain formaldehyde releases. Tannin is a halo tannic acid (organic acid) which, when interacting with other ingredients of the composition, has the ability to straighten curly hair.

But do not forget that any ingredient has two sides of the coin, and the downside of using organic acids as a straightening ingredient is drying your hair. Therefore, when performing acid hair straightening, you need to work very carefully with dry and blond hair, and in some cases even refuse this service, and offer some alternative in the form of keratin straightening or Botox for hair.

In addition to the minus due to drying of some types of hair, acid straightening during the procedure also strongly washes out the color of previously dyed hair up to 3-4 tones. Therefore, with a lot of positive effects of acid straightening, do not forget about the disadvantages.

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