Glozell Net Worth

GloZell Net Worth – How Much Is GloZell Worth?

GloZell currently boasts a net worth of $2 Million and makes her money through various sources such as her YouTube channel, brand endorsements, merchandise sales and appearances. With an immense fan base across America and an abundance of merchandise sales under her belt – she has amassed one of the highest net worths among American YouTube personalities.

Glozell, an American stand-up comedian and YouTube personality, has been active in the comedy world for over 13 years. Her YouTube channel boasts more than 4.71 million subscribers as of March 2019. Her videos cover topics such as life humor, song parodies, video interviews and comedy-based segments about herself – she is even active in music – having released two singles so far!

Glozell is also an accomplished author who has published her autobiography called Is You Okay?. She has friendships with fellow YouTubers including Colleen Ballinger and Frankie Grande aka FrankGloCo. However, her personal life remains relatively private as she doesn’t reveal too much information regarding family or her former spouse (she was married from 2000-2003 but never revealed the name). Glozell currently dates Kevin Simon who serves as both her manager and talent agent – the couple have one daughter together through surrogacy.

At Orlando High School in Florida, she studied Musical Theatre before attending the University of Florida for further studies where she earned a BFA degree. DeOnzell Green is her sister who also performs opera.

After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles and joined The Groundlings sketch comedy troupe. She gained immense attention when she mentioned meeting Elijah Wood during one of her vlogs and has also participated in The Cinnamon Challenge where she filmed herself eating cinnamon for 30 consecutive days.

GloZell and her husband welcomed their first baby through surrogacy in 2016. Currently residing in Los Angeles, the couple now have a beautiful daughter named O’Zell Gloriana de Green Simon.

Glozell, an American stand-up comedienne and YouTuber, has amassed an immense fan base through her channel where she posts humorous content. With more than 4 million subscribers and earning significant income through YouTube channels alone, Glozell has found success as both an entertainer and business venture. She not only has her YouTube channel, but also maintains a podcast and music project. Furthermore, she has appeared in multiple television shows and movies as a star player and received many accolades for her work. Glozell is an upbeat person, always searching for the good in those around her and inspiring people with her videos of positivity to do their best! Her videos can inspire anyone and her fans are drawn in by her hilarious sense of humor and bright future – we wish her every success!

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