Handy Tips to Follow When Packing Your Self Storage Shipping Container in Melbourne

Melburnians always need extra space, especially in their homes.

Therefore, many out there hired a self storage shipping container. These mobile, versatile containers have helped free up space with little to no effort from the customers.

However, there is still some confusion on how to pack these containers effectively. Ineffective packing can lead to overstuffing or even worse, too much space occupied by little things that would be better off boxed.

So, we’ll tell you tips on how to utilise all the space on your self pack moving shipping containers.

Understand How Self Storage Shipping Containers Work

Self storage shipping containers are shipping containers that are used for shipping purposes. They are made of durable steel and are versatile, so you can store anything inside.

These containers are delivered to you because they are mobile. They will be put in your yard and you can take your time loading your things in.

No need to worry about storage, because the company will either store the container in their storage facility or you can store it on your premises.

Now that you know how self storage shipping containers work, let’s see the handy tips.

Handy Tips for Packing Self-Storage Shipping Containers

1. Before Anything Else, Clean

Yes, this might seem like the obvious step zero. But, you must clean all your things. Emphasise on must. If your things have dust, moisture or food scraps on them, they’ll attract mould during storage.

Don’t want your things all gross when you take them out, right?

2. List All Items You Have on an Inventory Sheet

Keep track of all the things you have. This is crucial to decide which things need to be loaded first. So, by keeping a list to reference, you can make sure that all your belongings are accounted for and loaded correctly.

This will also help you to find an item easily should you need them.

Handy Tips to Follow When Packing Your Self Storage Shipping Container in Melbourne

3. Put Your Things Into Boxes, But Not Too Much

Then, divide everything into boxes. Label all of them with clear, concise labels and visible markers. It will make it easier for you to search for a particular thing.

Another benefit of using boxes is the ease of use. Boxes are shaped to be symmetrical and compact, so they are easier to stack than miscellaneous items scattering about.

However, because of its compactness, you cannot overstuff your boxes. Overstuff boxes won’t stack well, they will either fall or bump into other boxes.

So, it is important to fill them just right.

4. Find the Boxes Labelled ‘Fragile’ and Set Them Aside

Of all your belongings, there will be a ‘fragile’ box (or boxes) containing your kitchenware or electronics. Now, when you see them, set them aside for the moment. They must not be put on the bottom of anything else.

Moreover, before storage, make sure that they are wrapped with shock-absorbent material, like bubble wrap and packing paper. If needed, pack them with a furniture blanket, too.

5. Load Other Boxes and Stack

Now that the fragile boxes are not in the way, load all the other things inside the container. It is best to start with the sturdiest or the heaviest. They are the least likely to break and they have the strength to become the ‘base’ of the container.

Then, after the base, stack the other items and put the fragile boxes on the very top.

Handy Tips to Follow When Packing Your Self Storage Shipping Container in Melbourne

6. Tie All Furniture Into the Indoor Railings

Furniture came in different shapes, and not all of them can fit snugly into the corners. Therefore, tie them with the tie-down rope given to you complimentary.

That way, the furniture won’t be easily jostled or bumped into by other boxes.

7. Hire a Removalist Service

This seems like cheating, right? Well, yes, you are the one who should do this. However, not everyone has the spare time to organize all their things. The average Melburnian works 9-5 every Monday to Friday and their weekends are full of something else.

So, hiring a professional removalist to deliver the container, pack your things, and store it is a no brainer

Interested in hiring removalists now?

Handy Tips to Follow When Packing Your Self Storage Shipping Container in Melbourne

What You Can’t Put Inside the Storage Container

Yes, we did say you can store anything in a storage unit. This is the breakdown of what you can’t put in the container;

  • Gas and aerosol spray
  • Oil
  • Plants and organic matter (soil, compost)
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives
  • Paint and paint spray
  • Illegal things

These things won’t only cause damage to your things, but also damage to the container’s inner parts. So, please take extra careful care and always remember to throw out all the items above.

Key Takeaways

Self shipping containers have helped many people have more space in their homes. However, oftentimes, people still pack them the wrong way.

With these tips above, you can be more organised, efficient, and neat. Plus, you also save money because you won’t need any more containers.

Lastly, make sure that the forbidden things don’t get inside the container. They can damage your things and the container. You don’t want more fees because of these, right?

So, ready to self pack your storage unit?

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