Home air ionizer – good or bad?

The modern “centrifuge” of life practically does not leave time for rest outside the city limits, for a trip to the coniferous forest, to the sea and, moreover, to the mountains. Although it is nature, untouched by man, that gives the body the strength to get stronger, improve its health, and replenish its protective resources. In megacities, polluted air is not just a disaster, but a real disaster. Therefore, such devices for air purification as ionizers are becoming more and more popular.

Why do you need an air ionizer and how useful is it? By COLADY.

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What is an air ionizer and why is it needed

Depending on the natural factors of a particular area, the concentration of light negative ions in the atmosphere fluctuates in the range from 600 to 50,000 ions per 1 sq / cm… Their greatest concentration is observed in the areas of mountain resorts, on the sea coasts and in coniferous forests.

As for city apartments, the content of negative ions in them is 10-15 times lower than the norm. Air ion deficiency caused by poor ecology, central heating, an abundance of working technology (especially computers) and other factors leads to the development of many diseases in all body systems, to a drop in immunity and to early aging.

The ionizer allows you to clean the air in the room and restore the balance of negative ions.

Who will benefit from an air ionizer?

  • Children.
  • Elderly people.
  • Diseased, weakened people.
  • With diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Everyone – during the period of seasonal spread of influenza and acute respiratory infections.
  • Anyone who spends more than 2 hours a day at the monitor.
  • Anyone who is indoors most of the day.
Home air ionizer - good or bad?
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Categorical contraindications for using the ionizer:

  • Oncology. Air ions enhance metabolism, improving nutrition of absolutely all body tissues. Unfortunately, the cells of malignant tumors (if any).
  • Elevated temperature. A faster metabolism leads to an even greater rise in body temperature.
  • Excessively smoky / dusty rooms. In this case, the electrified dust particles will penetrate deep into the lungs. That is, the use of an ionizer makes sense only when there are no people in the room.
  • Individual intolerance. There is also such.
  • Children under one year old. It is better not to use ionizers for such crumbs.
  • Increased sensitivity to ionized air.
  • Bronchial asthma with frequent exacerbations.
  • Postoperative period.
  • Acute cerebrovascular accident

Types of ionizers for home, their main functions

Home ionizers are classified into several categories.

By appointment, air ionizers are divided into:

  • Cleaners. Purpose: ionization of air and its purification from dust, bacteria, smoke.
  • Purifiers-humidifiers. Purpose: air purification and maintenance of optimal humidity levels. Ideal for dry air environments.
  • Climatic complex… Purpose: “three in one” – ionization, cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Salt lamps. Light ionizers, which are 15 W rock salt lamps that produce negative ions when heated.

According to the “polarity” of the generated ions:

  • Bipolar. Such ionizers generate both negative ions and positively charged ions. The cost is usually high.
  • Unipolar. More affordable ionizer options.

Concerning correct choice among them, the opinions of experts differ. Some are inclined to a rigid “natural” proportion of ions (2 to 3), others believe that the abundance of household appliances – in itself, becomes the cause of the production of a huge amount of ions with a positive charge. That is, the production of such ions by an ionizer is already superfluous.

How to be? The opinion of experts on maintaining a balance: in rooms with a minimum amount of equipment to install bipolar ionizers, a unipolar – in rooms where neutralization of excess positive ions is required.

At the place of application:

  • For home… The area of ​​the room must correspond to the area declared in the characteristics of the device.
  • For auto. Purpose – purification of air from gases (exhaust, carbon monoxide), from burning / dust, relieving fatigue, etc. Efficiency depends on the filter.
  • For giving.
  • For office… With a “densely populated” office, the device (for efficiency) should be designed for a wider room.

It is worth remembering that there is a different power source for each application site. The ionizer must match it.

By filter (if any):

  • Carbonic.
  • Fabric.
  • Water.
  • HEPA.
  • Photocatalytic.

Home air ionizer – good or bad?

Home air ionizer - good or bad?
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Air ionizer advantages

  • Effective fight against oxygen starvation indoors… For the most part, this applies to the indigenous inhabitants of the World Wide Web.
  • Prevention of oncology and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Acceleration of metabolism.
  • Rapid “settling” of dust and smoke particles on the surface (that is, in the lungs of these particles, several times less is deposited).
  • The harmlessness of the device itself to health. In comparison, especially with computers, microwave ovens, etc.
  • Reduced exposure to toxic plastics, linoleum, plasters, etc.
  • Neutralization of positive ions accumulating around computer monitors and TV screens.
  • Profitability and ease of maintenance.
  • Elimination of viral pathogens in the room.
  • Creation of pleasant clean and fresh air.

But without cons, of course, nowhere.

Disadvantages of an air ionizer

  • A sharp rise in static electricity. This happens when the device is used too fanatically or when it is used in a too dry room (no humidification function). As a result – the occurrence of small current discharges in contact with metals or people.
  • Increase in the amount of heavy air ions. It is noted with poor ventilation in an unventilated room. The consequence is a difficult exit of dust particles from the respiratory tract.
  • Consequences of illiterate installation / operation. For example, if the device and the place of use do not match. If, for example, a device with a germicidal radiation function is installed in a rarely ventilated and densely populated office, then the health of allergy sufferers and asthmatics will be seriously damaged.
  • Dust accumulates around the ionizerswhich should be regularly washed off surfaces.
  • When using an ionizer a prerequisite is keeping the distancesafe for humans (at least one meter).

Remember: if near the device you feel specific strong smell of ozone, hence, its concentration is close to the maximum value. Excessive ozone levels lead to poisoning with toxic compounds. That is, ozone is useful only in small doses.

Therefore, be sure to check the quality certificate when purchasing the device, the availability of test information, and the conformity of the device (characteristics) to your premises.

And do not leave this appliance turned on for a long time (especially overnight).

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