fetal development weight and height. What happens to mom and baby

Pregnancy 22 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensations22 weeks of gestation corresponds to 20 weeks from conception. The expectant mother is still quite active, her mood is cheerful and her condition is also not satisfactory. Libido increases, which is a completely normal body response for this trimester.

At 22 weeks, a woman already goes a little more than halfway to the long-awaited moment of the birth of a child. The connection between the child and the mother is already quite strong, the baby moves a lot and gradually prepares for a separate existence.

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Feeling a woman at 22 weeks

The feelings of the expectant mother do not yet darken her condition and do not prevent her from enjoying life. The tummy is already of a decent size, but you can still see your legs and tie the laces on your shoes yourself.

A number of new features are still present:

  • The baby’s movements become more active and frequent. Sometimes you can even guess what parts of the body he is kicking with. During the day, at least ten movements of the child should be felt;
  • It becomes difficult to find a comfortable resting position;
  • The woman becomes extremely sensitive to events, words, and smells and tastes.

What are the forums saying?


And I have my first pregnancy. I did an ultrasound. We are waiting for the boy))


Were on the ultrasound! They showed us our little arms-legs-heart))) The babies swim there, and they don’t blow in the mustache! I burst into tears. The toxicosis is behind, the tummy is round, salvation for the doctor – there are no more threats. ))


And we have a daughter! )) The size of the head, however, on all ultrasounds was a little less than the period, but the doctor said that this is normal.


Today I was on a scheduled ultrasound. The term is 22 weeks. The toddler lies with its head down, and very low. The uterus is in good shape ((. The doctor did not put it on preservation, she only prescribed a kilogram of pills. I am very worried, who would have suggested what to do …


I did an ultrasound at 22 weeks, and the tone was also on the front wall of the uterus. We were sent to the hospital. The main thing is not to worry, to rest more. And if absolutely – an ambulance, of course.

What happens in a woman’s body at the 22nd week

  • At this time, a woman may be worried an abundance of secretions… The reason for being examined by a doctor is an unpleasant odor and a greenish (brown) tint of discharge. Their transparency in the absence of itching is a normal phenomenon, solved by panty liners;
  • There is the possibility of soreness and bleeding of the gums… You should select a special toothpaste and take multivitamin preparations (of course, consulting a doctor before use);
  • Nasal congestion may also appear at this time. This is fine. Bleeding of the same nose requires checking with a doctor for high blood pressure. Ease the condition of congestion with drops based on sea salt;
  • Possible attacks of weakness and dizziness… The reason for the increased sensitivity that develops by this time is physiological anemia. The volume of blood is growing, and the cells do not have time to form in the required amount;
  • There is a significant increase in appetite;
  • Weight gains – more than 300-500 grams within a week. Exceeding these indicators may indicate fluid retention in the body;
  • Sex is especially pleasant in the 22nd week. It is during this period that women often experience their first orgasm in their lives;
  • The 22nd week also becomes the period when the expectant mother first learns what it is swelling, heartburn, varicose veins, back pain etc.

Most dangerous symptoms at 22 weeks

  1. Feeling of drawing pain in the abdomen, stone and contraction of the uterus;
  2. Discharge of an incomprehensible nature: brown, orange, greenish, abundant watery, which intensifies when walking, and, of course, bloody;
  3. Unnatural fetal behavior: excessive activity and lack of movement for more than a day;
  4. Temperature increased to 38 degrees (and above). (Treatment of ARVI requires a doctor’s consultation);
  5. Back pain, when urinating, and when combined with fever;
  6. Diarrhea (diarrhea), feeling of pressure on the perineum and bladder (these symptoms may be the onset of labor).

What dangers lie in wait for the 22nd obstetric week?

One of the reasons for the termination of pregnancy at 22 weeks is sometimes ICI (isthmic-cervical insufficiency). In ICI, the cervix is ​​inconsistent and prone to opening under the weight of the fetus. Which, in turn, leads to infection, then to rupture of the membranes and, as a result, premature birth.

Threat manifestations for a period of 22 weeks:

  • Pulling-cutting abdominal pain;
  • Strengthening and unusual discharge;
  • Often, childbirth at this time begins with a sudden and premature rupture of amniotic fluid (every third case). You should see your doctor right away if you experience embarrassing symptoms.

Fetal development at 22 weeks

Baby weight already reaches 420-500 grams, which gives him the opportunity, in case of premature birth, to survive. Length from the crown of the baby to his sacrum – about 27-27.5 cm.

  • At 22 weeks, the baby’s active brain growth slows down. The stage of intensive development begins at the sweat glands and tactile sensations. The fetus examines itself and everything that surrounds it by touch… His favorite pastime is sucking his fingers and grabbing with the handles everything he can reach;
  • The child still has enough room in the mother’s stomach, which he uses, actively changing his position and kicking his mother in all available places. In the morning he can lie with his ass down, and by nightfall it’s the other way around, which a pregnant woman feels like wiggles and jolts;
  • Most of the time, the baby sleeps – up to 22 hours during the day… Moreover, in most cases, the periods of the baby’s wakefulness occur at night;
  • The child’s eyes are already open and react to light. – if you direct the light to the anterior abdominal wall, then it will turn to its source;
  • In full swing setting up nerve connections… The neurons of the brain are formed;
  • Baby Reacts to Mom’s Foodat. When the mother uses hot spices, the baby frowns (the taste buds in the oral cavity are also already functioning), and when eating sweets, it swallows amniotic fluid;
  • Reacts to loud sounds and remembers voices;
  • If you put your hand on your stomach, it can respond with a push.

Woman’s body and belly

For a period of 22 weeks, the belly does not bother the expectant mother too much. The bottom of the uterus is determined just above the navel by two to four cm. Discomfort is possible due to stretched ligaments of the uterus. It is expressed in pain on the sides of the abdomen.

The body of a pregnant woman gradually adapts to carrying a baby. The size of the abdomen at this time depends on the tone of the muscles of the abdominal anterior wall and, of course, on the position of the fetus.

Photo of the belly in the 22nd week of pregnancy
Belly photo at 22 weeks

Ultrasound, photo and video of fetal development

22 weeks is an important screening time.

The focus of ultrasound is on such points as:

  1. Exclusion (identification) of malformations
  2. Correspondence of the size of the fetus to the expected date
  3. Study of the state of the placenta and amniotic fluid

Is ultrasound harmful for an unborn child?

The harm from this procedure has no scientific explanation or evidence. But it is impossible to argue that ultrasound does not affect the genetic material of a person, since the ultrasound method entered into practice not so long ago.

Biometric parameters of the child, which are reflected by the transcript of the ultrasound:

  1. Child’s height
  2. Coccyx-parietal size
  3. Biparietal head size
  4. Thigh length
  5. And other norms
Ultrasound -22 week of pregnancy
Ultrasound – 22 week

Video: 3D / 4D 3D ultrasound

Video: Baby development at 22 weeks

Video: Boy or Girl?

Video: What happens at the 22nd week of pregnancy?

This is what the fetus looks like at 22 weeks
This is what the fetus looks like at 22 weeks

Recommendations and advice to the expectant mother

  1. It makes sense keep a diary… With its help, you can capture your emotions and feelings throughout the pregnancy, and then, when the baby grows up, give him a diary;
  2. It is important to communicate with your baby… After all, he already knows the voice of his mother. It is worth talking to him, reading fairy tales and singing songs. The main thing is to remember that the child is sensitive to the mood of the mother and experiences all her emotions with her;
  3. We must not forget about physiology: the load on the lower back and spine increases, and one should learn sit, lie, stand and walk correctly… Do not cross your legs, but preferably lie on hard surfaces;
  4. Shoes should be selected comfortable and without heels – nowadays walking comfort is very important. Need to abandon leatherette and rubber, orthopedic insoles also do not interfere;
  5. With each new week, the weight and tummy will grow, while the state of health and general condition will worsen slightly. Do not dwell on your condition and clumsiness. Waiting for a baby is not a disease, but happiness for a woman. Walk, relax, have sex and enjoy life;
  6. In the second trimester, a drop in hemoglobin levels is possible. You should be attentive to yourself, in case of sudden weakness, you need to sit down and rest, or ask for help;
  7. Sleep preferably on your side and using pillows;
  8. Stuffy rooms should be avoided and spending as much time as possible outdoors to reduce the likelihood of fainting;
  9. Diet helps with blood pressure, the jumps of which are possible at this time;
  10. Now still a pregnant girl, you can consider the option of going on vacation;
  11. It makes sense buy scales for home use. You need to weigh yourself once a week in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach and after using the toilet. Weight gain exceeding the norm may indicate a retention of fluid in the body.

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