How and what to draw freckles on the face

I draw frecklesSince freckles have been a beauty trend for several years now, the owners of natural “kisses of the sun” stop masking them, and those who did not get them want to try to draw them on their own. And it is important to do this as naturally as possible!

Choice of means

Choosing the right product is paramount. In fact, it is not the product itself that matters, but the color used! However, it is important to know which textures will work.

So it could be:

Importantso that you can get a translucent shade and adjust the intensity of application.

In the course of my own similar fashion experiment, I preferred eyebrow liner: Spot application with it will be much more convenient, because for other products you will need a brush.

Finally, we move on to choosing a color. It is obvious that freckles have a natural brownish-reddish pigment. It’s important to find and pick it up.

Eyebrow liner

The main thingso that the product does not go into a pink or red shade, otherwise, instead of cute freckles, you risk getting a drawn unsightly skin inflammation.

The question is, why?


Despite the fact that freckles will look natural for us, you must first apply at least a light foundation, and then powder it. Next, you can apply a little tanning agent on the back of your nose and on the upper half of your cheeks. The most common reddish bronzer will do.


Freckles will be the final touch.

  1. To make the freckles look more natural, start drawing them from the nose, chaotically moving in one direction or the other towards the cheeks.
  2. Get inspired by the pictures of girls with freckles and trust your own intuition: the more thoughts you have about “where to put the freckle”, the more artificial the freckles will be!
  3. Try not to make graphic (clear) points. Pre-practice on the back of your hand.
  4. Add at least a few freckles to each part of the face, that is, do not forget about the chin, forehead and cheekbones.
  5. Combine two shades of liner: lighter and darker. The main thing is that both are reddish!
  6. After placing the “points”, lightly beat them with your fingertips, so they slightly lose their contour and become even more natural.

Natural freckles

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