15 best films to boost a woman’s self-esteem – what to see?

The level of self-esteem, which is extremely important for every woman, is influenced not only by self-confidence and in their abilities, but also by the percentage of optimism. A bad morning or bad mood always starts from the head. And in order not to become a hostage of external factors, you need to remain an optimist in spite of everything – then everything will always be fine with self-esteem. A smile to your reflection after waking up and positive emotions, which are easiest to draw from cinematic masterpieces, will help to keep optimism.

To your attention – the best films to charge you with optimism, get rid of complexes and become more self-confident!

Moscow does not believe in tears

The best films for female self-esteem - Moscow does not believe in tearsIt was released in 1979.

Main roles: I. Muravyova, V. Alentova, A. Batalov and others.

A film about three provincial women who came to the Russian capital of the 50s for happiness and prosperity. A classic that no longer needs advertising. One of the films that can be watched over and over again and, sighing over the ending, once again to sum up – “Everything will be fine!”.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Best Movies for Women's Self-Esteem - Bridget Jones's DiaryReleased in 2001

Main roles: Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

Who, if not Bridget, knows everything about women’s self-esteem and the ways of her growth! Loneliness, extra pounds, bad habits, a suitcase of complexes: either to fight everything at once, or in turn (after all, you really don’t want to remain an old maid). And the secret of happiness, it turns out, is so simple …

A painting based on the work of Helen Fielding. Consistently improves your mood.


Best Films for Female Self-Esteem - SuggestionReleased in screens in 2009

Main roles: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

She is a dragon in a skirt. A stern boss who is about to be deported to her homeland – to the edge of lakes with a maple leaf on the flag. There is only one way to avoid expulsion – to get married. And her young and pretty assistant will help with the fictitious marriage (if he does not want to lose his job). In any case, this is exactly what the heroine thinks. What do dragons in skirts hide under thick dragon “scales”, how to become themselves, and where does love lead?

A bright, positive motion picture with talented actors, good humor, fantastic landscapes and, most importantly, an invigorating happy ending!

Erin Brockovich

Best Films for Women's Self-Esteem - Erin BrockovichReleased in 2000

Main roles: Julia Roberts and Albert Finney.

She has three children, whom she brings up alone, almost complete absence of bright days and joys in life, and a modest job in a tiny law firm. It would seem that there is no chance of success, but you can completely forget about personal happiness. But inner beauty, self-confidence and decisiveness are the very three whales on which you can not only swim to success, but also help those who no longer hoped for help.

A biographical motion picture about a woman with character who was able to find the strength in herself and go against the system.

August Rush

Best Films for Female Self-Esteem - August RushReleased in 2007

Main roles: F. Highmore and R. Williams, C. Russell and Jonathan Reese Meyer.

They only met for one magical night. He is an Irish guitarist, she is a cellist from America. Fate not only parted them in different directions, but hid the fruit of their love in one of the orphanages. The boy, from the cradle feeling the music around him even in the breath of the wind, grew up with firm confidence – his parents are looking for him! Will mom find out that she has a son? Will these three find each other in many years?

A film, each fragment of which warms up with sincere kindness and leaves hope for the best.

The devil wears Prada

Best Films for Women's Self-Esteem - The Devil Wears PradaReleased in 2006

Main roles: M. Streep and E. Hathaway.

The provincial Andrea’s dream is journalism. By chance, she becomes the assistant to the well-known autocratic editor of a fashion magazine in New York. And, it seems, the dream is starting to come true, but the nerves are already at the limit … Will the main character have enough strength and self-confidence?

A motion picture based on the novel by L. Weisberger.

Good luck kiss

Best Movies for Women's Self-Esteem - A Kiss for Good LuckReleased in 2006

Main roles: L. Lohan and K. Pine.

She is lucky in absolutely everything! One wave of the hand – and all the taxis stop near her, her career is confidently going uphill, the best guys in the city fall at her feet, every lottery ticket is a winning one. One accidental kiss turns her life upside down – luck floats to a stranger … How to live if you are the most unlucky person on earth?

A romantic picture, which is recommended for everyone to whom fortune stubbornly does not want to turn its face. Karma is not a sentence!

The mirror has two faces

Best Films for Women's Self-Esteem - The Mirror Has Two FacesReleased in 1996

Main roles: Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges.

She and he are teachers at the university. An almost casual acquaintance brings them together and pushes them to a “no sex” marriage. Why is he? After all, the main thing, as they think, is spiritual compatibility and mutual respect. And kisses and hugs are unhygienic, ruining relationships, killing inspiration, and in general, all this is superfluous. True, this theory is quickly cracking …

It is far from new, but surprisingly romantic and instructive film about how important it is to be yourself and believe in yourself. In it you will find answers to many questions. Believe in yourself again.

Barefoot on the pavement

Best Films for Female Self-Esteem - Barefoot on the PavementReleased in 2005

Main roles: T. Schweiger and J. Vokalek.

A janitor at a mental hospital saves a girl from suicide. She loves to walk barefoot and looks at the world with a child’s eyes. And he is too cynical and too skeptic to notice the universe that fits in her gaze.

A film that it makes sense to suddenly send everything to hell and surrender to your feelings. And that any of us is a person and a person who deserves attention.

Beauties (Bimbolend)

Best Films for Female Self-Esteem - Beauties (Bimbolend)Released in 1998

Main roles: J. Godres, J. Depardieu and O. Atika.

Cecile is an ethnographer. A professional fiasco makes a report meaningless, on which a lot of time and effort was spent. Now there is only work “in the wings” of the narcissistic professor, who sees in it only a free supplement to the interior. Meeting the gorgeous dorm roommate Alex inspires Cecile to new exploits and imperceptibly changes her whole life.

A film that debunks the “axiom” that “a woman can be either smart or beautiful.”

Where Dreams May Come

Best Films for Women's Self-Esteem - Where Dreams May ComeReleased in 1998

Main roles: R. Williams, A. Sciorra.

He died and gained immortality. His beloved wife, unable to bear the separation, dies after him, committing suicide. But for the worst sin she is sent to hell. With the help of his “heavenly” friends, the main character goes to look for a spouse in hell. Will he be able to save her soul from retribution?

A motion picture based on the novel by R. Matheson. The film is about the fact that even there is a way out of hell if love is alive. The film is a medicine for everyone who gets lost and desperate.

Sweet November

Best Movies for Female Self-Esteem - Sweet NovemberReleased in 2001

Main roles: S. Theron and K. Reeves.

He is a simple advertiser and a workaholic who does not want to let anyone into his life. She suddenly bursts into his meaningless existence and turns everything upside down.

A film about that distant and ephemeral, which, in fact, is much closer to us than we think – practically under our feet. And that life is too short to think “but I still have time for everything.”


Best Films for Female Self-Esteem - BurlesqueReleased in 2010

Main roles: K. Aguilera, Cher.

She has a wonderful voice. After the death of her parents, she leaves her tiny town and goes to Los Angeles, where she is taken to work at the Burlesque nightclub. At her feet – adoration of fans, fame, love. But any fairy tale has its end …

Exchange leave

Best Films for Female Self-Esteem - Exchange VacationReleased in 2006

Main roles: K. Diaz and K. Winslet, D. Lowe and D. Black.

Iris is crying in the English countryside – life does not work out! Amanda in Southern California also wants to cry, but tears ended in childhood. They find each other by accident on a vacation rental site. And they decide that it’s time to give up everything and forget about their failures at least for two weeks …

A sincere and sincere picture of what happens to each of us. Not sure how to change your life? See Exchange Vacation!


Best Films for Female Self-Esteem - FridaReleased in screens in 2002

Main roles: S. Hayek, A. Molina.

At 20, she marries the rich, famous and depraved Mexican artist Diego. Her life is not covered with roses, but she clings to life and fights as if every day is her last. After just a few years, she will conquer Paris.

A film about fortitude, that life needs to be loved today and now, and we need to fight for every moment we let go.

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