How Ireland Baldwin looks like her mom Kim Basinger

Ireland Baldwin, 25, is a successful model and actress. She is completely independent and, most importantly, deservedly made her way into the world of stars, despite the fact that she is the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

Kim and Alec met for the first time in 1990 on the set of The Marriage Habit, in 1993 they got married, and in 1995 their only daughter, Ireland Alice, was born.

Soon the celebrity couple parted, but officially divorced only in 2002. The separation was as stormy as their romance. Kim and Alec could not agree on custody of the child for a long time, but, fortunately, common sense prevailed, and they were able to come to a compromise and even stay in a normal relationship.

The Baldwin Star Family

From birth, Ireland has been in the spotlight of both the press and the public, because she is a member of a very famous Hollywood family. In addition to her stellar parents, she has a host of other eminent relatives, for example, actor uncles Stephen, Daniel and William Baldwin, as well as a cousin Hailey Baldwin-Bieber.

Fans can't come to terms with how much Ireland Baldwin looks like her gorgeous mom Kim Basinger
Photo @irelandbasingerbaldwin

Ireland grew up as a charming child, and the parents doted on the lovely baby. Although both Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin have had very successful careers with a busy schedule, they always found time for their little girl.

Model career

As Ireland grew up, she began to look more and more like her gorgeous mom in her youth, and fans emphasize this in every possible way.

The heiress of the Baldwin clan officially began her modeling career in 2013 when she signed with IMG Models, and since then she has been quite successful in this field.

Fans can't come to terms with how much Ireland Baldwin looks like her gorgeous mom Kim Basinger
Photo @irelandbasingerbaldwin

Unsurprisingly, Ireland has caught on. She is a tall and beautiful girl and was raised by the cult film model Kim Basinger! And Ireland is an Instagram star with a mass of subscribers.

Like her mother, the girl prefers to be blonde. She is not shy about being nude and loves to show off her figure. In addition, Ireland has no problem with uploading her photos in a natural “home” form without makeup. She does not seek glamor and encourages everyone to appreciate natural beauty.

Over the years, Ireland has been a somewhat erratic and unruly child, but now she is fully dedicated to her career and family. She loves spending time with her younger half-brothers and sisters, the children of her father and Hilary Baldwin.

Kim and Alec are really very proud of their daughter, who has turned from a charming baby into a beautiful and successful woman.

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