How Many Slices Small Papa John’s Pizza

If you’re wondering how many calories are in a single slice of Papa John’s pizza, don’t fret. The typical medium-sized PapaJohn’s pizza contains 238 milligrams of phosphorus, which is an essential nutrient needed for bone and tooth formation. And since you’ll probably eat another slice or two later, a small pizza will be more than enough to feed up to 8 people.

The small Papa John’s pizza has about eight to ten inches of diameter, while the medium-sized one is about 12 inches in diameter. Medium-sized Papa John’s pizzas contain eight to ten slices, while the large-sized pizzas contain around ten slices. A small-sized PapaJohn’s pizza is smaller and contains four portions. Depending on the occasion, the size you order may depend on how much food you’d like to eat.

For convenience, Papa John’s pizza comes in four different sizes. Small pizzas are eight to ten inches in diameter, while medium-sized ones contain three to four slices. Extra-large pizzas have about fourteen inches in diameter, and XXL papa john’s pizzas have sixteen or twenty slices. The smaller the slice, the more calories the pizza will contain. You can also save money by ordering thin-crust pizzas.

If you’re wondering how many slices a small Papa John’s pizza can contain, there’s no need to worry. The average size of a medium-sized pizza is eight to ten inches. That’s a little under two slices for a single person, and a large one has twelve. Lastly, if you want to order a large-sized pizza, you’ll need three to four medium-sized pizzas.

As far as nutrition goes, a small Papa John’s pizza contains about 200 calories. A large-sized PapaJohn’s pizza, on the other hand, has 400 calories per slice. The XXL size is a little more than two inches in diameter. Hence, it will probably serve a single person. A large Papa John’s pizza, however, is more than five times as dense as a small one.

According to the size of a Papa John’s pizza, the small size contains about eight to ten centimeters of breaded crust. Large-sized pizzas, on the other hand, have more than ten inches of diameter. The small is usually around eight to ten inches wide and can be extended to 20 inches long. A large-sized pizza is about 40 inches long. This is a large-sized pie.

If you’re wondering how many slices a small Papa John’s pizza has, you need to know that it is usually about ten inches in diameter and has eight to ten. In other words, a medium-sized Papa John’s pizza is about eight to ten inches in diameter and has ten to a dozen slices. In contrast, a small-sized PapaJohn’s pie is four to six inches in diameter and has four to five.

A small PapaJohn’s pizza has about six to eight slices, while a large-sized one can feed three to four adults. You can also get a small-sized PapaJohn’s pizza with eight to 12 or 13-inch-diameter crust. A large-sized one has twelve to fourteen-inch-diameter crust. And an XXL PapaJohn’s pizza is fourteen inches wide and has 12 to twelve or more slices.

As a general rule, a small PapaJohn’s pizza contains approximately 440 calories, and an extra-large pizza has four hundred and forty-five grams of fat per slice. An extra-large PapaJohn’s pizza, on the other hand, contains a single-person. As a result, it’s easy to estimate how many slices a small PapaJohn’s pizza can hold.

The answer is a lot, but it’s worth the effort. A small PapaJohn’s pizza is about two-and-a-half inches in diameter, and can serve up to three adults. A medium-sized PapaJohn’s pizza, on the other hand, is about 12 inches in diameter and has eight slices. In general, a small-sized PapaJohn’s pizza is the right choice for most people.

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