How Old Was Zechariah When John The Baptist Was Born

Zechariah and Elizabeth were a couple of obedient people. Both of them were very patient with the Lord and thus, were able to give birth to a child who would be called the Baptizer. According to the Gospel of Luke, the child, named John, was born to Zechariah and Elizabeth. The angel Gabriel had spoken to Zechariah in a dream and he had no idea what he was talking about until his son was born.

The scribes of the Old Testament and the Jewish Mishnah are needed to calculate the birthdate of Jesus. In order to find out when Saint John the Baptist was born, we need to know that Zechariah was at least ninety years old. As such, Elizabeth was already ninety-two years old when the prophet Isaiah visited her, and they were in the midst of a conversation. In addition to being a priest, Elizabeth was a widow.

As the oldest woman in the Bible, Zechariah was about 30 years old when Jesus was born. In contrast, a woman who is seventy years old and is pregnant can give birth to a healthy baby. However, it is rare to give birth to a child older than ten, as the risk of stillbirth increases with age. In the case of the Baptist, Elizabeth was six months pregnant when Gabriel visited her and conceived her.

The baby Jesus was a boy. The birth of John the Baptist was the first step toward salvation. It is believed that Elizabeth was already seven months pregnant when she was told of her baby’s birth. The ages of Elizabeth and Zechariah are unknown, but their relationship is described in the book of the Bible. In the story of the two men, a boy was born and the girl was seven.

According to the gospel of Luke, Zechariah was about 60 to 70 years old when Gabriel visited his wife. His wife, Elizabeth, was seven months pregnant when the angel appeared to her. The angel told her that she was the father of a baby boy. He was later married to Mary and Joseph. Afterward, the boy was named John the Baptist, which is the name of the baby.

The story of the birth of John the Baptist is similar to the story of the birth of Samuel. Both Elizabeth and Zechariah were barren. They both prayed to God for a son, and both dedicated their children to God. The age of John the Baptist is also mentioned in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. The bible mentions that both mothers were barren. Their children were probably born six months before Jesus was born.

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