How to answer the question of acquaintances about “how personal”?

The question is not entirely delicate, because personal life is an intimate affair of everyone, and not an object for discussion with everyone. In order not to look rude, in response, you can say the usual phrase: “everything is fine” or “excellent and decent.”

How to answer the question

Is it worth answering the question “as on a personal (front)” asked formally by a work colleague or just acquaintances:

  • The best friend can also ask such a question with sincere interest (if you have not communicated for a long time), so you can answer her in more detail, telling her that the relationship she knows about continues or, conversely, has ended.
  • A playful answer may also be appropriate, depending on the nature of the conversation, for example – “complete calm” or “the battles are going with varying success.” Or “complete defeat”, “signed a truce.”
  • If it is clear that the questioner is too zealously interested in your personal life, then this question should also be answered evasively: “everything goes on as usual” or “we are at war little by little.”
  • If the questions have not stopped, then it is worthwhile to outline the boundaries of what is permissible, saying emphatically politely: “if I need advice, I’ll take an interest” or more sharply: “I understand correctly that my personal life is of such interest to you that you no longer need to ask about what?”. It could be more straightforward: “this is not discussed with everyone.”
  • If the question is asked inappropriately, or there is a suspicion that the questioner wants to say something offensive, then you can cut off: “you can say that on personal, if the person was decent”. Such a response will prevent further attacks, and will lead the conversation to a dead end.
  • If he asks: “How personal?” a young man (especially if there is a possibility that the interest is mutual) should think before giving an answer. An overly cheerful “excellent” can be perceived as refusing to seek a relationship. Therefore, it is better to answer evasively: “in different ways” or “I continue to fight for happiness and harmony.”
  • But a similar question from loved ones (if you have a good relationship with them) should be answered frankly, because their excitement is sincere, and they can help with advice or sympathize if the situation is difficult.

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