How to choose a Halloween costume? Best ideas

Halloween is celebrated all over the world on October 31 every year. But few people know the history of this holiday. We’ve done our own research to tell you the story behind Halloween and what costumes are the best to wear for the holiday. Get inspired by our ideas!

Halloween story

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Halloween is a relatively “young” holiday that begins at the end of summer, with Saiman. Initially, even before the spread of Christianity in Europe, in Ireland and Scotland, the deceased spirits of their ancestors were revered, they performed special rituals to calm the souls of their ancestors and told the younger inhabitants of the legends associated with their ancestors.

Since the 16th century, there has been a tradition of asking for sweets on Halloween. On the night of October 31 to November 1, children with adults put on masks, and then went to neighbors and asked for sweets or money, initially the owners were supposed to offer various entertainment. And the traditional Halloween attribute – a head carved from a pumpkin, inside which there is a lighted candle, appeared later, only in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. It is also called “Jack’s lamp” and it owes its appearance to the Celtic traditions of creating special lamps for the repose of souls. At the end of the 19th century, a massive emigration of the Irish and Scots began to the United States, during the same period the “fashion” for Halloween appeared.

It is interesting to know that Halloween costumes began to be worn only after the spread of the holiday in the United States. Only from the beginning of the 19th century, numerous people began to appear on the streets, dressed in costumes of witches, mummies, monsters, ghosts and other evil spirits. Every year millions of people prepare for this holiday, there are large-scale parades and numerous parties.

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Top 10 Halloween Costumes

If you want to win the first prize for the most original Halloween costume, then you have to try and stand out from the crowd.

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Original costume ideas:

  1. Ragdoll. At first glance, what could be easier than dressing like a doll (we’re not talking about a Barbie right now). The traditional outfit of such a doll is a straw hat, a dress with a floral pattern, and striped tights. You can braid or tie 2 ponytails, as well as draw “doll” eyelashes and freckles. Your look will be complete, it doesn’t take a lot of effort and you will be completely comfortable.
  2. Fabulous heroine. For example, the virgin Marianne (Robin Hood’s beloved) or Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. We are sure that such outfits will not be difficult to implement, in addition, you may be able to persuade your soul mate to dress to match.
  3. A costume from a century. We are sure that, as a little girl, you dreamed of wearing the dress of Angelica or any other lady of the court. Either you were attracted by the uncomplicated togas of Ancient Greece, or you dreamed of trying on the costumes of the 60s. Let your imagination tell you. Now it is quite easy to find on the Internet photos of suits of any time and borrow something from mom’s or grandmother’s wardrobe.
  4. Become a child again! It is very easy to transform into a little girl – a baby. Everything you need: a cap, jumpsuit and a toy in your hands. For the greater truth, you can take a pacifier with you!
  5. Negative character costume. Of course, many people want to look like angels and princesses, and you be more original – become Baba Yaga for the evening, an evil stepmother or a witch. Do you really think you can’t be an attractive witch or vampire?
  6. Go back to school time. The schoolgirl costume is not only a direct association with the porn industry, but also a great reason to prove the opposite. Remember your school years, put on a skirt, white blouse, knee-high socks. Better yet, dress like the pioneers! The main thing is to keep track of the length of the skirt so that the first option does not come out.
  7. Ghost Bride. You may have always wanted to wear your wedding dress again, but you don’t have to get divorced! Become a ghost bride, put on a dress and add gloominess to the image: “flowing eyes”, a bouquet of branches, a torn veil, a broken heel … Simply put, trust the intuition of the holiday.
  8. Harry Potter costume. Who said this costume is only suitable for kids? If you want to look attractive and sexy, then this is a great option. Beat any dress or skirt with a blouse, put on a robe and tie on top, take an essential attribute – a magic wand.
  9. Put on your wings! You can become a good fairy, a Bell from Peter Pan or a butterfly, all these images are united by the presence of wings. What could be easier? You can wear a colored corset, skirt, tights and shoes in color. And of course, don’t forget the wings!
  10. Keep it simple! The simplest Halloween costume is a ghost costume. What could be easier? Everyone in childhood climbed under a white sheet and scared their friends, what has changed? Everyone in the house has a white sheet on which they can draw a ghost, or simply cut through their eyes and mouth.

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Original children’s costumes for Halloween

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  1. Little witch. Your little witch may be with an ugly wart on a huge nose, or she may be a cheeky cutie. The main thing here is not to forget about a broomstick or a magic wand, as well as about a traditional cap.
  2. Ghost. Like a costume for an adult, this is the simplest idea, but at the same time the most interesting, because everyone sees a ghost with their own eyes. Be more original!
  3. Pumpkin. This is the most original and cute outfit for a baby.
  4. Princess. If a little daughter loves cartoons and fairy tales about princesses, then why not dress her in such an image? And it doesn’t have to be a banal pink dress, it might not be a dress at all. Let your princess choose what she would like to wear to the ball.
  5. Scarecrow. Even the name speaks for itself. For this suit, you will need a checked shirt, pants (you can also wear jeans), and a straw hat with a hole in the base. For clarity, you can add a little straw to the outfit, let it look out of your pocket or from behind your ear. Old, well-worn shoes are more useful than ever for a complete look.
  6. Clown. Perhaps, for an adult, a clown costume will not be to your liking, but on a little mischievous boy it will look great. Just imagine: bright red curls, a striped shirt, huge funny shoes, a red nose!
  7. Zombie. For older children, this image is suitable, but for small children it is better to choose something neutral. Will the zombie look scary or friendly? Ask your child about it!
  8. A vampire. Is the vampire fashion long gone? Perhaps, but this costume, like a classic black dress, will suit all years. And don’t forget your teeth!
  9. Ballerina… It can be either an ironic costume (for a fat girl) or an original one (for a thin girl). The main thing here is not to injure the child, let it be her decision. A bodysuit, tutu and pointe shoes can be found in any store.
  10. Rock star. What could be nicer than little Mick Jagger? Dress your little one in skin, draw tattoos and mess up his hair. Rings, earrings, bandanas, chains and other accessories only complement his costume.
  11. Ninja. This image comes from the 90s, but maybe your child grew up with Ninja Turtles? And Leonardo for him is, first of all, a turtle with a blue bandage over his eyes. You can use these heroes for incarnation or traditional ninjas, the choice is yours!
  12. Superhero. Modern kids are already growing up on other superheroes than we are, so if you are not sure, it is better to ask your child, and then find information on the Internet. Only after that, start designing the costume.
  13. Cartoon hero. Cartoons are different, but modern children want to imitate cartoon characters no less than we did in our time. Let your baby decide for himself who he wants to be, and help him to bring his image to life.
  14. Angel or Devil. All children are called angels, but is it really so? If you know that your baby is a prankster, shouldn’t he build a devil costume, let him understand that it is better to be an angel and next year you will need a completely different costume.
  15. Pirate. Older children love Jack Sparrow, and what a lie, many women do too! A great look for a Halloween day. Or let it be a traditional pirate from another cartoon, the main thing is to observe the classics of the outfit: an eye patch, a bone leg, a cocked hat, a long-sleeved shirt and high boots.
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What Halloween costumes do you like? Share with us in the comments!

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