How to choose and combine a jacket

A sweatshirt is a generalized name for almost all top items with sleeves. Typically, this word is used to refer to a warm knitted cape with a zipper or buttons. It is usually worn over clothing and not on the naked body. But now sweaters are called hoodies, sweatshirts, boleros, cardigans, bombers and even sweaters.

What to wear with sweaters

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Delicate images with sundresses and dresses

For sundresses you need to select “cozy” knitted sweaters… Fitted models will go well with loose jumpers and cardigans… If you prefer flying sundresses, try wearing them along with a sweatshirt.

Cardigan from Mango Delicate cardigan from Mango for 2999 rubles

This cardigan will look good with a tight-fitting short dress or sundress.

Sweatshirt You can buy a sweater with tassels at H&M for 1,499 rubles

If you like sporty style, throw this sweatshirt over a sundress, dress or skirt.

The image will turn out to be very original, especially if you complement it with a bright handbag. Almost all sweaters are suitable for dresses.

But it’s important to rememberthat tight-fitting models are best combined with loose ones. A long dress can look odd when paired with a cardigan.

Yellow Cardigan from Zara Yellow cardigan from Zara for 3599 rubles

This cardigan goes well with a long dress.

Loose Knit Cardigan in Mango Loose knit cardigan from Mango for 3,999 rubles

A loose knit cardigan will help create a truly fall look.

It is more suitable for long dresses, although you can experiment with a short skirt. Don’t forget tights!

H&M fine knit Fine knit models from H&M, the cost of one jacket is 799 rubles

Short dresses and skirts look good with cardigans of the same length. This model can be considered universal. There are many colors in the assortment.

Sweatshirts and overalls

Short jumpsuit (shorts) can be combined with different sweaters. To achieve the perfect result, try adding the third thing – T-shirt or top… If you choose the right clothes by color, you get a very original image.

Pink cardigan from H&M Pink cardigan from H & M for 799 rubles

For example, this cardigan goes well with a black and white tee and jumpsuit.

If you wear a jumper with a long jumpsuit, pick up things in contrasting colors. You can experiment with different styles and textures of fabrics, it is very fashionable now.

For example, try throwing knitted poncho on denim jumpsuit… The sweatshirt should be slightly larger in size, the tight-fitting model can bulge strangely in unexpected places.

Fringed Knit Cape from Mango Knitted cape with fringe from Mango for 5499 rubles

For example, this knitted cape will go well with denim overalls.

Printed caftan from Mango Long caftan with print from Mango for 3,999 rubles

A long printed caftan can be worn with jumpsuits of any length.

But they should not be too colorful.

Flowy cardigan from Mango Flowy cardigan from Mango for 1699 rubles

Some jumpsuits can be worn to work.

If you have just such an “office” model, this flowing cardigan should suit it.

Autumn combinations

As soon as it gets colder sweater will become an indispensable element of our everyday look. In autumn, it is most often worn with trousers or long skirts… What is the right way to combine these things?

To the usual direct or skinny pants any sweaters are suitable. You can put on long cardigan or oversized sweatshirt, depending on your mood. Choose the right shoes: too high heels are no longer relevant, it is better to do with comfortable sneakers or classic shoes.

Many girls wear light wide leg pants exclusively with white T-shirts and blouses. Absolutely in vain, because this thing can be combined with almost any color. Look very impressive pants with black sweater or sweater… If you are choosing a top in a bright color, make sure that all the details of the image match in tone of the color scheme (warm or cold).

Short cardigan from Zara Short bright cardigan from Zara for 2999 rubles

This short cardigan is suitable not only for dark, but also for light wide trousers.

The assortment also includes other trendy shades.

Model from Zara Two-tone model from Zara for 2999 rubles

Another model that goes well with white loose pants.

Model from H&M Model from H&M for 1699 rubles

You can also wear a hoodie, for example, this model.

Chunky hoodies and sweatshirts are not suitable for wide trousers… This does not mean that you need to completely abandon oversizing. But you shouldn’t overdo it either. Choose a loose jumper that won’t hug your body too tight. Remember that clothing should initially be comfortable and not interfere with movement.

Long skirts go well with cropped jumpers and hoodie… The top should not be too voluminous, otherwise the image will turn out to be overloaded, heavy. It is better to choose loose clothing according to the size. If the skirt is not fluffy, but tight-fitting, you can experiment with oversized sweaters

Cardigan from Zara Cardigan delicate peach color from Zara for 2999 rubles

For example, this cardigan from Zara for 2,999 rubles will go well with a tight-fitting skirt.

Cropped sweatshirt This model for 2999 rubles from Mango

A fluffy skirt is best combined with a cropped sweatshirt.

This model will look interesting with a solid long skirt.

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