How to Clean Siding on Your Home

Your home’s exterior is constantly taking a beating from the elements. Salt, dirt, and other factors damage the siding every day that you leave it. And unless you clean it, your home will continue to get dirtier and uglier over time.

What do you do to keep your home siding looking fresh?

For those wanting to keep their home looking spiffy and new, there are specific ways to clean the siding and make it shine again. 

Keep reading for the best ways to clean siding.

Prepare Your Cleaning Supplies

You’ll want to gather a sturdy ladder, a pressure washer, an appropriate cleaning agent for your siding, a bucket, a soft-bristled brush, and a garden hose. Inspect the ladder for any signs of damage and ensure it is safe and stable.

Fill the bucket with the recommended cleaning solution and add warm water. Fill up the pressure cleaner with a cleaning solution if using it. Securely attach the garden hose to the pressure washer, ensure the setting is low, and aim the hose away from other objects or people.

Assess the Condition of Your Siding

Take time to examine each type of material in your home and decide if you need to clean. Cleaning may be necessary if stains, dirt, and grime are present. Use a mild detergent, water, and a soft-bristle brush for aluminum siding.

Between cleanings, you can carefully rinse off your siding with a hose. You can also use a mild detergent and a rag for vinyl siding to wash away dirt and mildew. Warmer temperatures may also help to make dirt and mildew removal easier.

Be sure to rinse with warm water to remove any soapy residue when finished. For wood siding, use a pressure washer to remove dirt and debris. Using a mild detergent, lightly brush the surface and rinse thoroughly.

Pressure Wash Your Siding

Pressure washing the siding on your home is one of the best ways to keep it clean and looking great. Start by spraying down the siding and the surrounding areas with a garden hose to remove dirt and grime.

Then, get a pressure washer with a medium-pressure setting and spray the siding with a detergent solution. If you are tired of this home activity, you may look for power washing services to help you. So, be sure to look here for more information to get started!

Final Touchup

When cleaning siding on your home, use a garden hose with a nozzle attachment to spray off any remaining debris. Make sure to use an angled nozzle and work it along the siding in a circular motion while applying gentle pressure to remove any remaining grime.

Once you have finished cleaning, rinse off the siding with a garden hose and allow it to air dry.

Learn How to Clean Siding on Your Home Today

Now, get out there and start cleaning your siding! By following the steps outlined in this article, you should have a much better understanding of how to clean siding in your home.

To ensure long-term success, regularly maintain the siding in your home and keep it looking great.

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