How to conceive twins: medical and folk methods

How to conceive twins: medical and folk methodsIn the modern world, and indeed even earlier, the birth of twins or twins is an infrequent phenomenon! Usually, the “gift” of multiple pregnancy is inherited, but during the period of active implementation of innovations in the process of conceiving a child, more and more modern mothers learn that not one, but several babies are growing in their tummy.

How does this happen? And what should be done if you really want to receive a “double gift” at once?

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How to conceive twins: medical and folk methodsHow are twins made?

The birth of twins is a very rare occurrence, because, as a rule, twins make up only 2% of newborns.

Twins are different and identical… Fraternal twins develop from two fertilized eggs. The embryos can be of the same sex or different. Identical twins are obtained when a sperm fertilizes the same egg, from which independent embryos are formed in the process of division. How to schedule a baby’s gender is a controversial issue.

Video about the birth, development and birth of twins (National Geographic):

Artificial (medical) planning for twins

How to conceive twins: medical and folk methodsDouble fertilization is almost entirely dependent on Mother Nature. The only influence that a person can have is the creation of favorable conditions for this kind of fertilization. We propose to consider in which cases the probability of conceiving twins is high:

  • The likelihood of maturation of two healthy eggs at the same time increases with treatment anovulatory disease. Anovulatory disease – violation of ovulation. With this disease, ovulation in a woman’s body does not occur at all. To cure such a disease, a woman is prescribed drugs containing follicle-stimulating hormone – FSH. The action of the drug gives the body the opportunity to awaken, thus, in the first cycles of ovulation, two cells may appear at once;
  • After you stop taking hormonal contraceptives. The main action of OK is precisely to suppress the natural female FSH. After the termination of the effect of contraceptives, the woman’s body is fully restored and is able to simultaneously produce two or even several viable eggs;
  • With artificial insemination, doctors strive to grow the maximum number of eggs, so to speak, “in reserve.” After all, not every egg is capable of directly fertilization. Thus, doctors can fertilize several eggs at the same time, and then leave one or all, depending on the wishes of the mother.

How can twins be artificially planned?

How to conceive twins: medical and folk methodsAt the moment, there is not a single method that could guarantee 100% double fertilization (apart from medical ones, of course). However, there are ways to increase the likelihood of multiple eggs being released at the same time by stimulating ovulation.

To do this, you need to undergo a thorough examination and be sure to consult a doctor. If a specialist says that, in principle, you can conceive twins and, as a result, carry them out, then you will be prescribed a course of taking certain medications. These drugs may affect your ovulatory cycle.

But be careful, in no case should such drugs be taken on their own, without a doctor’s prescription. They have many side effects and can pose a serious health hazard!

Is artificial stimulation of ovulation dangerous?

Let’s start with the fact that stimulating ovulation in the body of a healthy woman can pose some kind of danger. In addition, sometimes it is fraught with a number of side effects and all sorts of unpleasant phenomena, such as:

  • Increased chance of ovarian rupture, their painful increase;
  • There is a high probability of provoking a double conception in the body, which is simply not able to bear twins. In particular, such the load may not withstand the kidneys, and a woman runs the risk of getting into intensive care and, simply, losing her children;
  • Constant companions of a twin pregnancy, as a rule, are anemia, toxicosis and prematurity… This is due to the fact that the body needs twice as many resources to bear two children at the same time. As for prematurity, this is also a fairly common occurrence due to the fact that in late pregnancy the fetuses press too hard on the cervix. Sometimes, the uterus is simply not able to withstand such a load;
  • High the likelihood of irreversible changes in the female body… If your body is not able to independently produce a large number of eggs, then this means that it will not be able to fully bear a large number of fruits. So, with a light load, besides, such a heavy burden, after childbirth, there is a high risk of getting a twice enlarged belly, which is almost impossible to normalize, and an increased shoe size, which is unlikely to return to its previous state at all;
  • Also, when using artificial stimulation, there is a huge the likelihood that you will become pregnant with triplets… Before deciding on such a responsible step, think carefully, weigh the pros and cons. After all, artificial stimulation is not the safest way to get pregnant, it is a rather risky event. Remember, the most important thing is to give birth to a healthy baby, and how many there will be – one or two, a girl or a boy, this is not so important.

Traditional methods: how to conceive twins

It is impossible to accurately plan the birth of two babies at once, however, over time, our ancestors studied the factors that contribute to the conception of twins:

  • How to conceive twins: medical and folk methodsEat sweet potatoes. It has been suggested that women who eat a lot of sweet potatoes are more likely to conceive twins;
  • Breastfeed your first child plus do not use contraception during this period. According to medical research, the chances of getting pregnant with twins increase dramatically at this time;
  • The likelihood of multiple pregnancies increases in the spring. This phenomenon can be explained by the influence of the duration of daylight hours on the hormonal background;
  • Taking certain hormonal agents increases the chances of conceiving twins. However, taking these drugs without consulting a doctor is very dangerous for the health of a woman and a child;
  • Women over 35 are more likely to have twins. The older the woman, the more hormones her body produces and, therefore, the higher the likelihood that several eggs will ripen at the same time;
  • Take folic acid. Start doing this a few months before conception and take it every day. When doing this, be sure to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Also, try to include dairy products in your daily diet;
  • Eat yams. It will actively stimulate the ovaries and in the future they will be able to release several eggs during ovulation. Also, it is good to eat walnuts, chicken eggs and whole grains from products;
  • Self-hypnosis is a very powerful way. Imagine, for example, that you are a woman in her forties. Scientists have proven that between the ages of 20 and 30, a woman has a 3% chance of conceiving twins naturally, while closer to forty, the chances increase to 6%, that is, almost twice.

Reviews from mummies of twins and twins:

Not everyone can conceive twins, even those who, it would seem, have heredity for this. This article contains reviews of women from different forums who managed to get pregnant with two kids at once.


I gave birth to twins when I was 18 years old. I have twin cousins, and my husband has sisters. Pregnancy was easy for me. I didn’t really rely on doctors, as all different things recommend. Besides, why do we need all these diets and a bunch of drugs? Previously, our ancestors gave birth as children, and everything was fine. And as for twins and triplets, it’s all from God and related!


I have twins, but no one believes me, everyone thinks that the kids are twins, they look exactly the same! But not for me, of course. And it turns out, by the way, only on the female line, men seem to have nothing to do with it.


My sister, having a daughter of seven years old, at the request of her husband decided to have a son. I went to clinics, to grandmothers, I read a lot of literature on the Internet. As a result, they were assigned 3 days before conception and a special meal schedule. She did get pregnant, but twins, girls, were born.


I almost collapsed at 12 weeks, when I found out that I was expecting twins, and even presumably heterosexual! And my husband jumped with happiness, this is his dream. Doctors now assure that nothing happens just like that, it’s only genetics that is to blame. Although in our generations my husband had twins somewhere for a very long time, and they say that this is transmitted through the maternal line


No method will give 100%. But the chances are increased, for example, by artificial insemination. I myself also wanted twins, tried very hard, persuaded the belly to have two babies, but one turned out. And my friend, on the contrary, wanted one, but it turned out to be two. And neither she nor her husband have twins in their family! And the other, both herself and her husband, had a lot of twins in their relatives, every second in the family tree. And they got one baby, although the probability was very high.

If you are the owner of the “double miracle”, share your happiness with us! Tell us about your pregnancy, childbirth and life after birth! Your opinion is very important for us!

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