Psychological test – Determine your psychotype

Psychologists distinguish several psychotypes of a person: emotive, schizoid, hysterical, epileptoid, paranoid, anxious-suspicious, hyperthymic and depressive (may have other names, depends on the source). Each is characterized by certain features.

This test picture will help you determine your psychotype and get to know yourself better, your unique character.

What do we have to do? Take a look at the image of 6 human figures. Choose the one that best describes you.

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Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren
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Psychological test with 98% accuracy - Determine your psychotype

# 1 – Hypertim

Congratulations, you are the happiest personality type! Extroverts are hypertensive. Their hormonal system is always “sharpened” for strong emotions. Love communication, you cannot spend a day alone. You are an adventure seeker with a wide soul. You know a lot about entertainment, you can amuse anyone.

It is difficult for you to engage in the same type of activity, since by virtue of your character you crave activity, especially in work. Your main “strong point” is sociability, diplomacy. You get irritated quickly, have difficulty controlling emotions.

# 2 – Schizoid

Schizoids are prone to reflection. They live, constantly processing a huge amount of information. They can hardly be called activists in life, but passions are raging inside them. The peculiarity of schizoids is an orientation towards the process, not the result.

Conflict prone. Emotional and easily excitable. For any reason they lose their temper. They strive to get a lot of attention from people, even from those who are not interesting to them. Pay a lot of attention to their appearance.

No. 3 – Anxious and suspicious type

People with anxious and suspicious psychotype are very emotional. They find it difficult to control the flow of strong feelings. They are more prone to stress and panic. They are often in a state of anxiety, even if there is no reason for this.

Such a person is a slave to his own feelings and beliefs. It is extremely difficult to change the mind about something. Conservative by nature. However, such people are very loyal and honest. Injustice grieves them greatly. They love to finish what they started.

No. 4 – Epileptoid

Epileptoids are characterized by a constant desire for control and power. They only feel comfortable in situations in which the outcome depends on themselves. Are critical of dissent. They have incredible charisma, so they always take the leading position. Pronounced leaders.

Epileptoids always strive to prove to the people around them and to themselves their superiority over others. They are responsible, fair and strong-minded people you can rely on.

# 5 – Emotive type

People with an emotive psychotype are characterized by increased excitability. They constantly experience strong emotions that are difficult to control. They are easily aroused. Are subject to sudden mood swings. They often feel sorry for people and animals, which makes them easy to manipulate.

A person with this psychotype is easy to spot in a crowd. He is modest, shy, does not like to stand out. His favorite defense mechanism is the awkward smile.

# 6 – Paranoid type

Paranoid people are characterized by an active desire to win. They put in a tremendous amount of effort to achieve a goal, even if it’s pointless. Giving up is not about them. The most desperate and purposeful psychotype.

People with this personality type have a huge amount of energy. Their brains are “sharpened” to solve all sorts of complex problems. They are shrewd and intelligent. They know how to make the right decision even in confusing situations. Their main difference is their obsession with work. If a paranoid is interested in something, he will definitely achieve the desired result.

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