How to find your purpose in life – find out and realize

How to find your destinationThe topic of defining one’s life purpose is now extremely relevant. Practically every week, trainings and courses appear that promise to help you understand yourself and your desires.

There can be different approaches for self-motivation. After all, each of us is individual, and for this someone needs to provide themselves with Spartan conditions and a strict regime, and for some it is comfortable to feel themselves in the usual stream of life, completely trusting fate and going with the flow.

In search of your life purpose, this must be remembered first of all.

The most important thing – be honest with yourself. Right now you are not sleeping at night, making connections, studying in the best educational institutions, but is this the very goal for which you are investing so much effort?

Usually, people tend to take other people’s goals for their own, fight desperately to achieve them, and in the end they remain devastated and disappointed. Gradually, with this approach, everyone feels a slight “burnout”. Someone at the beginning of the path, while others, even worse, realize their mistake in the finale. Even when they get what they want, they are rarely happy.

How is it that we unconsciously impose other people’s goals on ourselves? Everything is extremely simple!

Each of us has loved ones and authorities that we want to look up to. We look at their brilliant on-screen life and are desperate to live up to it. And what about the obsessive and not very intrusive, but very competent advertising of the endless benefits of civilization, without which life is not life, and happiness cannot be seen?

But think about it – is this what you all started for? For this, you pay a second loan and endure the ridicule of others?

Remember: if it seems to you that you are moving on the wrong path, then you are simply fulfilling someone else’s goal.

Finding your destiny

So, before thinking about ways to motivate, check whether you are going towards your goal. If that goal is yours, it will inspire and motivate you on its own.

Let’s go further.

Why do you need this – an important question in finding your purpose

When you have definitely realized that this is your personal goal, not imposed by anyone, then ask yourself the following question – “why do I need this at all?” It is after answering this question that you can get a clear understanding of what you are trying to make your dreams come true. The answer will be your motivation, motivating you to take action every morning.

And then do not be afraid to change your goal, because this is the only way you can find the meaning of your own life.

Correct it so that it will delight you unconditionally! The very clear formulation of desire will contribute to the awakening of a frantic energy.

How to develop and maintain motivation in realizing your mission?

Stop for a second, and imagine that you have already achieved your goal… What kind of people are around you? How is your daily day going? Do you sleep at all at night, or do you meet the dawn while sipping another cup of latte? What do you hear? What smells are around you? Feel this state with all your senses.

Realize your destiny

Well, now don’t limit your imagination and create a kind of control panel for your current life. Switch the speed, change the parameters, and most importantly, adjust the brightness and saturation.

Zoom in on this picture, make it 3D in size, smell it and taste it, it will surely amaze you with its singularity and novelty.

Well, how does it feel? Do you want to continue lying on the couch or has the desire to feel like this constantly taken up?

Motivation is always willingness to act.

Describe in detail what specific steps you need to take to arrive at your planned goal. Achieving any small or large goal is always easier when you have concrete action plan

The idea of ​​getting into a dress two sizes smaller in three months seems abstract to our brain, so it is better to draw up a concrete plan of small actions, but for every day. Let it not be “drastically change your habits in one day and lose weight”, but “find a comfortable meal plan” on Monday, “find a fitness club” on Tuesday, “run five kilometers on the track” on Wednesday, and so on.

Achieving small sub-points of the goal brings you closer to the final result, and at the same time gives more faith in yourself and your strengths each time.

Don’t forget in the process reward yourself, praise yourself for every step you take and, of course, arrange mini-holidays because your motivation has grown, and at the same time you have progressed much further.

Praise yourself

And remember: you have all the resources to achieve your goal!

Reach Your True Goalsand you will see new perspectives in your life and expanding horizons.

Everyday difficulties and the level of stress that we are exposed to every day provoke the threat not only of loss of interest in work, but also complete professional burnout. However, if we remember why we want to achieve our goals and how to make the process of achieving it real, it becomes much easier to get this energy of action called “motivation”.

Now it will become much easier for you to realize your purpose in life!

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