How to make a person fall in love with you – 7 tips from a psychologist

Love is an amazing feeling. We sincerely hope that each of you at least once in your life will be able to feel the joy of being overwhelmed with love. But can this feeling be controlled? Are there psychological methods to stimulate its appearance? Science says “Yes!”

Today we will tell you how sympathy can be transformed into true love. It will be interesting!

Method # 1 – Maintain eye contact with your partner regularly

eye contact

Long-term eye contact is the foundation of a romantic relationship. If you avoid it, then you will not have to rely on the fact that your partner will be imbued with trust and sympathy in you.

Interesting! Psychologists say that we subconsciously trust someone who is not afraid to look in the eye. Therefore, if you want to win over the interlocutor, look him in the eyes during the conversation.

According to the results of psychological research, couples in love look at each other for 75% of the time spent together. Moreover, they are extremely reluctant to look away. People always want to look at people they like.

Now, the truth is that prolonged eye contact is not only a consequence of falling in love, but also its cause.

Method number 2 – Feel free to talk about your failures and awkwardness that happened to you


Psychologists say that we subconsciously become sympathetic to a person when he puts himself in a bad light. No, we are not talking about unworthy behavior on his part! The point is, we like IMPERIAL people who are not shy about admitting that they can be wrong.

Against their background, we, with our shortcomings, look worthy. Therefore, if you tell your partner about the first bad grade you got in school, a failed party at the university, or describe in detail a case when you got lost in an unfamiliar area of ​​the city – it will benefit your relationship!

Advice! To make the conversation more casual, tell the person you’re trying to charm with a funny story about yourself.

This rule works like a secret. When you trust someone with valuable information about yourself, it disposes and inspires trust.

Method # 3 – Be passive


Yes, you read that right. Of course, when we do something good for another person, we feel great. However, this has a downside. By doing a service to a person, we idealize him in order to justify our efforts. In psychology, this is called an “emotional anchor.”

The more such “anchors” we mentor in a relationship, the more we will become attached to a partner. But our task today is to learn not to fall in love, but to fall in love with ourselves. Let your partner be active, thereby attaching to you.

Method number 4 – Create insights in your pair

Inside is something that an individual or a group of people have. For example, you can come up with an unobtrusive gesture of greeting or approval, change some words, dance to a certain song, wherever it sounds, etc. These are all things that only matter to you and your partner.

Why do we need insights? For rapprochement, of course! If a person shares his habits, tricks and peculiarities with someone, he subconsciously becomes attached.

Your common interests should also be mentioned here. Feel free to talk to your partner about things that interest both of you. Do you like comedies? Go to the movies together for comedy premieres. Do you like kayaking? Then quickly book a two-seater boat and go on it along the river. Do what brings joy to both of you.


Method number 5 – Stimulate your pupil enlargement while communicating with your partner

Well-known fact: our pupils dilate when we look at the one we sympathize with So, scientists have found that we like people with dilated pupils more. An interesting experiment was carried out, during which a large group of people was shown 2 photos of one person. They were identical except for one detail – one had wider pupils. So, almost everyone chose this particular photo.

If you want to make your partner fall in love with you, create an atmosphere in which your pupils dilate. The simplest option is to meet him after sunset or in a dimly lit room.

Method # 6 – Periodically distance yourself


Here you and your partner are walking along the embankment, holding hands. You both love it a lot. Separation saddens you, but tomorrow you plan to meet again and repeat the walk, hoping to re-experience all these emotions.

But what if you don’t meet tomorrow? Both of you will miss each other. Separation will make your partner think about you all the time. If you want to strengthen relationships and cause a person to have a slight fear that he might lose you, periodically disappear from all radars. Do not answer his every call, “forget” to write an SMS, do not appear in places where you can meet him. Let him dream of you!

Important! A short absence from another person’s life can be beneficial.

Method number 7 – Create positive associations with yourself

Did you know that you can program the human brain to repeat the same thoughts? It’s quite real! The main thing is to create associations. The better you demonstrate yourself in a relationship with your partner, the better his opinion of you is. With this approach, he will begin to think about you, even when you are not around.


How do you create the right associations? Anchor yourself to objects that your partner likes. For example, if he loves football, tell him that you once planned to play ball with the guys in the yard. And if he likes big dogs, do not forget to express your delight when you see an alabai, Doberman or other large dog during a joint walk on the street.

If, nevertheless, someone did not share your feelings, there is no need to be upset! Remember that your destiny awaits you.

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