How to make a wish correctly to make it come true

Can you use the power of your own mind to make your desires a reality? Is there a law of attraction? How is a person’s sincere and very strong desire realized with the help of his determination and faith?

Sadhguru told how to make a wish correctly so that it will definitely come true.

Sadhguru: how to make a wish correctly so that the Higher Forces fulfill it
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Power of reason

Whatever people want in their life – business development, building a house or something else – they immediately have a thought “I want it.” And as soon as this thought comes to mind, most people direct energy to their goal and start working on it.

If the actions are sufficiently precise and purposeful, then their thought becomes reality. However, often people do not know how to breathe the required amount of energy into their thought and then strengthen it.

If you know how to control your energy outside the physical body through conscious thinking, you can be in one place and direct this energy to another place.

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However, if you do not know how to manage energy, you simply do not know how to attract or return it to yourself.

By the way, if someone’s desire goes beyond his limits, such a person dies young. Most people’s desires are not constant: they want something one today, something different tomorrow – and this is constantly changing.

But if a person strongly desires something, he risks dying young, because he knows how and on what to throw out his life energy, but he lacks the skill to, so to speak, do the job and return this energy to himself.

One-pointed thought is very powerful.

Thought itself is energy and can be compared to the reflection of sound. You cannot generate your thought without energy. And if thoughts appear randomly and appear chaotic, chances are they don’t have the necessary energy to become reality.

Know that you can generate an incredible amount of energy with your thought process. When your thoughts are focused in one direction, it is a powerful tool.

Unfortunately, in most cases, such a clear directionality is especially strong in people in a negative rather than a positive sense. Unkind and lustful thoughts are just very one-pointed thoughts.

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That is why in Indian culture children are always told: “When you are angry, do not say anything bad about any person.”

The fact is that if your thoughts become one-pointed in the direction of anger, then anger can receive its physical manifestation.

Let’s take a look at the process of the origin of thought.

Are your thoughts conscious, or is it just the result of a mass of information that is “floundering” in your head?

When your thought process is unconscious, it often resembles mental diarrhea. You have no control over her. It just flows because you have old junk inside you.

Allegorically, the more bad food you have in your stomach, the more diarrhea you get. When you have mental diarrhea, you cannot call it a concrete and understandable thought.

Wipe your board

Sadhguru: how to make a wish correctly so that the Higher Forces fulfill it
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If you want to write something on the board, first you need to wipe it – only then can you write on it clearly and clearly. If a lot of thoughts are already written on the board, and you write something else on it, no one can understand your writing.

Moreover, you yourself will not be able to disassemble them. You must first clear the space and then consciously generate a thought.

If people have cleared their space, and then they have a thought, it is powerful and significant, because it has arisen as a result of a conscious process. This means that it can be filled with energy.

If you consciously generate a one-pointed thought in your mind, it will find its way and become reality. And if you know how to control your life energy even a little, you can direct the thought further.

How to manifest and get what you want

Everything that we humans have created on our planet was first born in the mind and then manifested in the outside world. Both the beautiful and the terrible things that we have done on Earth come from the human mind.

If you are worried about what we are doing in this world, learn to first generate the right thoughts in your head.

When you bring your mind to a certain level of organization, your body, emotions and basic life energies will move in the same direction – and then whatever you want will be done effortlessly.

The Universe Sees Your Faith and Determination

You may have heard about people who asked the Higher Forces for something, and everything came true for them. This usually happens to those who truly believe. They do not even allow the thought of the impossibility of their desires.

Let’s say you want to build a house. If you start thinking “I can never make that much money to build a house, it’s just unrealistic,” then the moment you think: “It’s impossible”, this is tantamount to thinking: “I do not want it”.

Sadhguru: how to make a wish correctly so that the Higher Forces fulfill it
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On one level you create desire, on another level you say you don’t want it. Nothing happens.

Faith works only for people who clearly know what they want and are confident in the reality of their desires. And it never works for people who think too much and hesitate.

But if you want your life to develop the way you need it, then know that everything depends on the strength and faith with which you think, and how stable and constant your thought is. All this will determine whether your thought will be reality or will remain an empty shell.

What is possible and what is impossible is not your business, it is the business of nature. You just see and realize what you really want and strive for it. If your thought is created with strength and faith and without negativity, it will definitely manifest itself in the outside world.

Modern science proves that existence is vibration. Your thought is also vibration. If you generate a strong thought and let it out, it will always manifest itself.

If you devote yourself to creating what you really need, your thought will be organized and articulated in such a way that the question of whether it is possible or not will simply disappear. There are no obstacles in your thought process.

Your thought moves freely towards what you want, which means that everything can be translated into reality.

Sadhguru debunks the “law of attraction” myth

How does the law of attraction actually work? The point is, it doesn’t work. Then can people determine their own destiny? – you ask.

Yes, you can determine your own destiny. Not only that, you have to do it, because that is what it means to be human. All other creatures on the planet have so-called compulsive cycles (chains of habitual repetitive actions) by which they live. It’s okay for them.

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However, if you look at your life, then you are doing the same thing as other living beings. They are born – and you are born. They grow – and you grow. All life cycles are the same.

However, we are human beings, we can consciously do even the simplest things. This is what it means to be human. If you consciously move your hand, your hand will do what you want it to do. If you consciously direct your thought, it will do what you want.

If you knew how to properly manage your own thoughts, you would be happy, rather than systematically suffering from frustration, discouragement and depression. And eif this happens, then your whole life will become light, simple and cloudless.

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