Summer 2018 trends: clothes with feathers

Even in winter, models in outfits with feathers began to appear on the catwalks en masse. Some of these looks were only suitable for carnival. But in the collections there were also such things that can be easily worn in everyday life. In the summer of 2018, the “feather” trend is gaining momentum, but it will become really popular closer to autumn. That is why you need to look for a suitable outfit now.

Feather Clothes

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Reasons for the love of feathers

Feathers are associated with the holiday, elaborate costumes for stage performances. Even a small border at the bottom of the dress will help make the look more daring and sexy. Sweaters and cardigans decorated with feathers look very stylish. You can pair this trendy accent with asymmetrical pieces or custom cutouts.

If the feathers are attached to a long skirt or headband, the effect will be slightly different. Such a bow evokes associations with the hippie worldview, freedom and serenity. Flower Children often created their outfits on their own using natural materials, including feathers.

Feathers can be used to add lightness to a particular bow. It will be playful and mysterious, adult and childish at the same time.

A girl in a dress with feathers resembles a bird, she seems to be flying, not walking.

The secrets of choosing the right clothes

To have a stunning effect on those around you, you need to learn how to wear feathers correctly. With this trend, you can easily overdo it, and a stylish bow will turn into a vulgar one. For example, it is better to refuse from massive accessories if you wear clothes with feathers.

Contrasts play an important role. If one item of clothing is decorated with feathers, the other should be as simple and dim as possible. For a party, a short dress completely covered with small feathers is suitable.

But remember that it visually expands the figure. Those who are not satisfied with their own appearance may be disappointed with the result. It is better for them to pay attention to models with thin feather edging.

Of course, it’s not worth going to work in clothes with feathers. But it all depends on your field of activity. If you often attend various events or perform on stage, these outfits will be more than appropriate. You can also add a little lightness to a casual look, but gradually.

Try buying a t-shirt, bag, or accessories with feathers first. Then you can pay attention to dresses, jackets and sweaters.

Models for every day

Most often, designer outfits with feathers are very expensive. If you don’t feel like spending extra money, try decorating a dress or T-shirt yourself. But you can look for a suitable model in online stores, many of them have interesting options.

Vest with feathers and lacing This vest with feathers and lacing from Zara looks very original for 1999 rubles

I want to consider this thing for a long time. There are many details in it, but nothing superfluous.

You should not burden the image with accessories, but shoes can be chosen in the same style.

T-shirt with feathers from Mango T-shirt with feathers from Mango for 1299 rubles looks quite modest

It is well suited for summer and autumn. Combine the item with light or colored pants and skirts. This model will go well with hoop earrings and wide bracelets.

Small black dress Black dress from Panda for 2340 rubles

The little black dress can also have feathers. This model can be made part of blacktotallook. Or you can combine the dress with colored accessories to make the look more youthful and light.

Burgundy dress The price of this outfit is 2200 rubles.

Dresses don’t have to be black. Odorini has many multicolored designs in fabrics that are pleasant to the touch.

Printed Clothing Top with feathers from H&M for 799 rubles

For those who are not yet ready to stand out from the crowd, you can limit yourself to printed clothes. For example, this feather top looks really cute.

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