How to Pick the Best Shingle Color for Your New Roof

If your home needs a new roof, you have a big job ahead of you. It would help if you found a reliable contractor, researched extensively, and considered all costs before the project could begin.

One of the last tasks you must worry about is finding the shingle color you want. Because they come in many colors and patterns, picking the right one can feel like a long process.

Don’t worry; you can make the shingles the best decision on your to-do list. Keep reading for the best way to pick your home’s most stylish shingle color.

Consider the Style of Your Home

When picking a shingle color for your new roof, it is important to consider the style of your home. Your roof not only serves as protection from the weather, but it is also a major visual component of the exterior of your home.

For traditional-style homes, classic shingle colors such as black and charcoal gray will create a timeless and sophisticated look. For a more contemporary style, lighter shades or earth tones such as beige, wheat, and gray are recommended.

Specialty styles such as rustic or cottage homes will also require a different selection of shingles, such as distressed wood or metal combinations. It’s important to find the roof color to complement and enhance the house while considering the surrounding neighborhood style. 

Think About the Climate

When selecting a shingle color for a new roof, it is important to consider the local climate. For example, you receive a lot of direct sunlight in your area. A lighter roof may be your better option to reflect more sunlight away from your home.

On the other hand, if you experience colder temperatures, then darker shingles can absorb heat from the sun, helping to keep the house warmer. Of course, the climate conditions will also influence the rate and length of time your shingles will last – meaning that no matter what color you choose, you will want to ensure that your roof is being maintained

Look at Your Surroundings

When selecting a shingle color for a new roof, it is important to consider the surrounding environment and the other homes in the area. By looking at the nearby homes, you will get a good idea of the color scheme that works for the area and your home.

In addition, by looking at the environment, you will be able to determine the color of shingles that will blend in with the landscape and look the most attractive in the environment. Elements such as the house siding, the trim, the other homes in the area, and the landscape should all be considered when picking out the perfect shingle color.

Consider the Color of Your Home

The roof is a major component of all house exteriors, and the shingles should complement the house in color and texture. Whether you have a single-story ranch or a two-story colonial, the right shingle color can take any house from boring to bold.

When picking out a color, look at the current color of the house and the surrounding landscape to get an idea of what shingles look best with your home. Warmer tones usually look better on red brick, while cooler tones pair well with whites and grays.

Get Samples

Consider your home’s architecture, lighting, landscaping, and local climate when picking colors for your roof. Shingle samples are available from roofing suppliers, home improvement stores, and roofing websites. You can also paint a small section of the roof or a piece of paper to understand better how the color will look on your roof.

With samples in hand, you can take them to your local hardware store for advice and view them in the lighting conditions available. When you decide on the color, use the samples to compare prices and understand what material you may need. 

Check Local Regulations

Different regions have different restrictions on the colors you can use for roofing shingles. These regulations can be found online, at the local building department, or by a professional roofing contractor.

In some cases, there may be restrictions on the usage of dark colors due to the location’s climate or environmental regulations. The guidelines may require installing a roof ventilation system if a dark color is chosen. Knowing the restrictions ahead of time can help ensure your new roof adheres to all local regulations.

Consider the Resale Value

Even if you like the color, it might turn off buyers if it differs from what they expected. Find out who wants to buy homes in your area because trends in the outside style of homes change over time.

Neutral colors like black or grey are safe choices for any room and make a big statement for little money. If you want to choose a slightly different color, charcoal grey or even weathered brown may look better on the street and be accepted by local buyers. 

Also, use durable roofing materials. A new roof can help your home stand out on the market, making it look better and easier to sell in the future. Ultimately, you should choose a color that will make your home desirable and give you the most money when you sell it.

Hire a Professional

These experts have the know-how and experience to help you choose the best color for your roof. They know about the different kinds of materials, brands, and colors, and they can use their knowledge to match your home’s style.

They can also look at your roof and tell you what color will protect it best from the weather. They can also tell you the best materials that won’t fade, crack, or peel. 

Pick the Best Shingle Color For Your Roof

Choosing the right roof colors can significantly enhance the look of your home. Choose wisely and research the pros and cons of each color and store.

Now that you know the basics of picking the best shingle color for your new roof, you can envision how your home will look with its updated exterior. Start shopping today and evaluate your options to maximize your new roof.

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