Contests and games for the whole family – ideas for a family holiday and leisure

We invite you to consider several ideas for games and contests for a family holiday and leisure, let’s talk about what games and contests you can think of with your family that will be interesting for both children and adults, allowing everyone, without exception, to play. As you know, family cozy evenings bring all family members very close, so we suggest you make such events a good family tradition, and repeat them as often as possible.

Colady’s editors present the best games and contests for the whole family. Have fun with your loved ones!

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Intellectual and educational games for the whole family, allowing you to get to know each other better and show your abilities

  • Game “Associations” for adults and children from 3 years old
    This is a very simple and at the same time developmental game, which requires both a large vocabulary and the ability to develop logic.
    RulesThe word is called, then the next participant selects the closest and most logically suitable, from his point of view, association. The association can be absolutely any and the originally conceived word can lead to completely unexpected turns of the logical chain.
    ExampleThe first hidden word is “toy”. The next participant associates it with a ball, the ball reminds of football, football about the field, the field about flowers, flowers about summer, summer about the sea, the sea about swimming. Etc. Words can be absolutely any, both nouns and adjectives or verbs. This will make this game for the whole family even more exciting and fun.
  • Kind family game “Wishes” for adults and children from 2.5 years old
    This game is very suitable for family holidays and especially for New Years.
    Rules. Family members sit down at the table. It is desirable so that everything is “mixed”. For example, grandmothers sat next to their grandchildren, and parents next to their children. The essence of the game is that each player must wish something to the family member sitting to his right, which, in his opinion, he wants the most. The participant who has been thinking for a long time is eliminated.
    for instance, if dad works a lot, then the child wants him to go all together to the sea, and if the eldest son finishes school this year, then we can wish him successful admission to the institute he dreamed of entering. The game brings family members very close and helps to get to know each other better.
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  • Creative and fun game “Fairy Tale” for adults and children over 10 years old
    Rules. Of the requisites, only a sheet of paper and a pen are required. The first participant writes the title sentence of the fairy tale and folds a sheet of paper, passing it to the next, so that he would write a sequel. And so in a circle. The main thing is that each subsequent participant does not see what the previous one wrote.
    Example. The first participant writes on the sheet “Once upon a time there were a grandfather and a woman,” passes to the second, where he comes up with his continuation of the tale “and they flew far away to save Vasilisa the Beautiful”, the next participant, not seeing what the previous ones wrote, continues “which turned out to be later, the hobbyhorse Humpback. ” The options can be completely different and the most unpredictable. At the end, we unfold a funny tale, read and all laugh together at the gibberish of family creativity.
  • Developing observation game “Search for Lost” for adults and children from 3 years old
    This family-friendly competition develops attentiveness and visual memory of its participants.
    RulesFor props, you need a colored tablecloth and many small items. These can be tubes of lipstick, small boxes, lids, ballpoint pens, teaspoons, matchboxes – in general, anything you find at home. The more varied the requisites, the better. All these utensils are laid out on the table, which is previously covered with a tablecloth, and the participants sit around. The essence of the game is to remember all the objects lying on the playing field and immediately notice the object that disappears from the table.
    Example. The driver invites the players to look closely at the table and try to remember many more objects and how they are located. After that, everyone should close their eyes, and the driver clears the table and hides some of the objects. At his command, the participants open their eyes and try to figure out which object has disappeared. The one who guesses becomes the driver.
  • Drawing Contest “12 Months” is suitable for adults and children from 7 years old
    This educational and fun competition is perfect for any family celebration. The competition reveals the ability to draw and will be interesting for both children and adults.
    Rules The participants are divided into two teams. Each team is given 12 A4 sheets, colored pencils or felt-tip pens. The task is that after the agreed time, the teams must provide all 12 sheets, on each of which they will draw one of the 12 months of the year. The task of the teams is to guess which of the months is depicted in each drawing of the rivals.
    Example. As a hint, you can mark in the pictures some events symbolizing a particular month. For example, March is associated with March 8, April with Cosmonautics Day, and December with New Year’s chores. Etc. The team that guesses the most pictures wins. Well, the second team can be awarded incentive prizes for intelligible images.

Active and energetic games and contests for the whole family that can be played at home

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  • Clockwork catch-up “Zhmurki” is suitable for adults and children from 3 years old
    This fun game is familiar to many of us from childhood. And until now Zhmurki is one of the main children’s entertainment at family holidays, in which adults will also take part with pleasure.
    Rules. The essence is very simple. First, the driver is selected. They blindfold him. The rest of the players stand around him, facing the center. At the signal, the driver begins to catch the participants, and they run away and dodge him. The driver must guess the caught participant by touch, without undoing his eyes. If he guesses, then the caught one becomes the driver. The winner is the one who is caught the least number of times or not caught at all.
    Example. It is better for the driver to initially make one of the adults, so that he can show by his own example how you can play this game at home without destructive consequences. Children scatter in different directions within the same room, and a blindfolded participant tries to catch them by touch and, without peeping, determine who has been caught.
  • Funny musical game “Masquerade” is suitable for adults and children from 6 years old
    Rules. Of the props, you need a large bag and a lot of different clothes. The brighter, funnier and more unusual the clothes are, the better. It can be underwear, national costumes, fur hats, stockings and tights, grandmother’s leggings, mother’s evening dress, and so on). All clothes are put in a bag, a presenter is chosen and he is also a DJ. The presenter turns on the music, to which all the other participants begin to dance and pass each other a bag of clothes. When the music is turned off, the participant with the bag in their hands must at random pull the item of clothing out of it and put it on. The game continues until the bag is empty.
    Example. The music can stop on anyone, just as the thing that the participant gets out of the bag can be the most unusual. For example, dad can get his daughter’s swimsuit, and grandmother can get an ardent mini-skirt. As a result, everyone will look very funny and colorful.

We hope that the listed entertainment will decorate your family holiday or an ordinary evening at home. After all, all these contests and games for the whole family, in addition to the fact that will bring a good mood and a lot of fun to your home, even more will bring you closer, allow you to get to know each other better and even discover some new abilities.

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