How to Plan the Ultimate RV Trip

When was the last time you invested in quality time with your loved ones?

Stanford University found that quality time helps build healthy role models for children while improving mental and physical well-being.

A solid example of Stanford’s finding is the family ritual. Family rituals can range from weekly Sunday dinners to monthly museum outings.

Another powerful example is a family RV trip.

You can also apply this theory to friendship and team building at work. Planning and executing a group road trip builds healthy morale, multitasking skills, critical thinking, and creativity.

In this article, you’ll learn essential skills for planning a successful RV vacation.

Choosing a Vehicle for Your RV Road Trip

The first stop on your planning itinerary is buying your RV.

First, you need a vehicle spacious enough to fit your entire party. Next, assess the needs of every guest so that you’re not stranded without essentials.

Details include:

  • Cooking equipment
  • RV beds and bedding
  • Window styles
  • Privacy
  • RV plumbing (sinks, toilets, water softeners, etc.)
  • Bathroom accommodations
  • Gas and propane tank monitors

You also need a stable vehicle to improve safety on the road. Thus, an RV with quality stabilization equipment is key.

Take stock of all your options. Visit an RV dealership together to choose a vehicle the entire family (or party) can agree upon.

Picking the Best Camping Areas for Your RV Trip

The next stop is the camping area itself.

It’s best to plan all of your stops in advance. This choice will help you find the fastest, easiest routes to your destinations. You should also include rest stops on your road trip itinerary.

Ensure that your camping spots allow for RV parking. There are also plenty of scenic RV parks scattered around the country. Remember to research travel tips for RV camping in east coast regions, the pacific northwest, and southwestern states.

What’s for Dinner?

You can’t have an epic cross-country road trip without food!

Start with popular (yet healthy) snacks to curb low blood sugar and mid-morning hunger on the road.

Ideas include:

  • Trail mix
  • Granola bars
  • Yogurt
  • Protein cookies
  • Veggies and dip packs
  • Peanut butter and celery sticks
  • Mini sandwiches

You’ll need an RV fridge to store items like yogurt. However, a cooler will also work for these items. Remember to pack plenty of non-perishable items to stay on the safe side.

Plan your meals in advance too. This tip is especially helpful for large families and parties on the road. You can even prep your meals beforehand in Tupperware containers, storing them in the fridge before cooking time.

Don’t forget those camping favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, s’mores essentials, grilled vegetables, and food for kebabs. Campfire food on a stick is an age-old tradition, but it’s also a simple and quick way to cook and serve dinner.

Remember to choose an RV with a reliable fridge if you’re planning on cooking meat for dinner.

Start Planning a Road Trip for the Books!

Your epic RV trip starts now.

Keep these ideas close by as you plan your family vacation, friend trip, or team-building event for work.

Remember to choose the right RV, camping spots, accessories, and food items before you hit the road. The blog is also packed with more inspiration for your next outing.

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