How to Prevent a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Studies show that about nearly 14.8 million Americans have had a rodent problem in their house. Now if you’ve had trouble with rodents and cleaned up the mess after them, you know that the smell and the sight of them can be positively nauseating.

But what steps do you take to stop it before they move in? Having a rodent infestation isn’t just things running across your floor. It can threaten your family’s health and your stuff as well.

Keep reading to find out how to handle a rodent infestation in your house and keep them from getting cozy.

Identify Areas of Entry

The first step to getting rid of rodents in your home is to identify areas of entry. Rodents are experts at finding small, hidden entry points and can squeeze into any gaps or cracks. Inspect the outside of your house, paying particular attention to areas near pipes, wiring, and vents. Look for any signs of chew marks or gnawing around windows, door frames, and siding.

If you find any irregularities, repair them immediately using materials such as copper wool and caulk. Inspect your attic and basement for gaps or cracks, as these areas often provide entry points as well. Check your landscape and make sure all shrubs and debris are trimmed away from the house. 

Keep Food Stored Properly And Clean Up

Throw out any items that have expired or that you know attract rodents. Make sure all leftovers are placed in the refrigerator or in airtight containers, and quickly clean up any crumbs or food scraps from countertops and floors. Vacuum frequently and dispose of the contents of your vacuum in an outdoor trash can away from your home.

Keep Your Home Well Maintained

The best way to prevent rodents is to keep your home well-maintained. This means pulling out the refrigerator and stoves regularly to check the caulking and sealant for any gaps or damage, as mice and rats are small enough to squeeze through tiny holes. Fix any torn screens or vents, as rodents can use these to enter your home.

If you have any openings leading to the outdoors, seal these shut with steel or copper mesh and seal it with steel or caulk. Make sure trees and bushes are kept away from your home, and do not provide a bridge for them to enter. For any water damage-related issues, rely on professional water damage restoration services for trusted solutions.

Use Repellents And Traps

Use deterrents such as ultrasonic repellents or natural repellents around any potential entry points and locations where rodents are known to frequent. You can also use traps to catch any rodents that may have already invaded your home. Bait the traps with something attractive to rodents, such as peanut butter or cheese, in order to entice them in and out of your house.

By utilizing a combination of these preventive and control measures, you can successfully keep a rodent infestation from occurring or reoccurring in your home.

Preventing Rodent Infestation

Preventing a rodent infestation starts with regular inspections around your home. Look for any signs of the pests, such as chewing or droppings, and take the necessary steps to eradicate the problem.

By being proactive, you can avoid a serious issue and ensure the safety of your home. Take the time to investigate today and stay on top of preventing a rodent infestation.

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