How to properly apply foundation on your face – instructions

The foundation allows you to even out the complexion, giving it a fresh and rested look. This product must be of high quality, durable and harmless to the skin. However, how it will look on the skin depends not only on its composition. In addition to it, it is very important to apply the foundation correctly on the face – and then it will look its best.

Apply foundation

Skin preparation

Before applying foundation to your skin, it is important to properly prepare it.

Skin preparation consists of the following steps:

  1. Skin cleansing, which must be carried out both after the previous make-up, and if you are going to do the first make-up of the day. The fact is that at night the skin also produces various natural components – including sebum. If you cleanse your skin, the foundation will work better. You can cleanse your skin with micellar water. Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe your face. If one cotton pad is not enough, use an additional one or more. Then, if possible, wash with a foam cleanser.
  2. Skin toning… For this, a tonic is used, it is better if it is moisturizing. The toner allows you to wash away the remnants of micellar water, refresh the skin. It is necessary with the help of a cotton pad to apply the product to the face and let it soak for 2-5 minutes. If you’ve applied too much toner, wipe off the rest with a dry cotton pad.
  3. Moisturizing the skin with a cream… Applying a moisturizer is an extremely important step in preparing your skin for foundation. Squeeze the cream out of the tube or take it out of the jar with a spatula, place on clean fingers and apply on the face along the massage lines, including the area around the eyes. Let the cream sit for a few minutes. The use of a cream is mandatory, since pre-moisturizing will not allow the skin to pick up moisture from the foundation, thereby prolonging its durability.
  4. Applying a make-up base is optional.… After all, all the previous manipulations already contribute to the fact that the foundation is best fixed on the skin.

However, if you do decide to use a makeup base, here are some guidelines:

  • Matting base applied locally, only on problem areas and in a thin layer.
  • A smoothing make-up base applied with hammering movements.
  • Colored make-up base it is better not to use it in everyday make-up, because in order to use it, it is important to have a good knowledge of color. However, you can use a green makeup base if your face is red, for example, due to the close location of the vessels to the skin surface.

Ways to apply foundation

There are several ways to apply foundation to your face. Each of them has its own pros and cons.
It is necessary to select a method for your own convenience, as well as based on the texture of the cream and the desired density of the coating.

By hands

It would seem that applying the foundation with your hands is the easiest way. However, it is not. By applying the foundation with your hands, you can leave the boundaries of the foundation’s transition to the skin undisturbed. Therefore, with this method, these zones (at the boundaries of the face oval) must be given special attention.

Apply foundation with your hands

The convenience of this method is that you do not need to use any foreign objects. Plus, by heating up to body temperature in the hands, the foundation becomes more plastic – and, as a result, it is easier to apply.

Very importantto keep your hands clean.

  • Squeeze a small amount of foundation onto your hand, rub lightly on your fingers and apply in a circular motion along the massage lines: from the nose to the ears, from the center of the chin to the corners of the lower jaw, from the middle of the forehead to the temples.
  • Using your fingertips, use a hammering motion to blend the foundation.


Before applying the foundation with a sponge, it must be thoroughly moistened and squeezed out so that it is very soft. Hold the sponge under a stream of warm water, wringing out regularly and soaking again. When the sponge is completely soft, wring it out thoroughly.

Apply foundation with a sponge

  • Squeeze the foundation onto the back of your hand, dip the finished sponge into it.
  • Apply to face along massage lines with a hammering motion.

Most convenient there will be a sponge in the shape of a pointed egg: it allows you to work out even the most inaccessible places, for example, the nostrils and the bridge of the nose.

The sponge should be rinsed after each use, since the remains of the foundation, together with the porous material of the sponge, are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.


When applying foundation, you can use it as flat,

Flat brush

so and round brush

Round brush

It is important that they are exclusively made of synthetic material, since the foundation is very difficult to clean from brushes made of natural bristles.

  • Using a flat brush most often combined with the subsequent application of a sponge for better shading of the tone. Without the use of a sponge, in this case, stripes of tone left by the hairs of the brush may remain on the skin. A small amount of tone is typed on the brush and applied to the face along the massage lines. A flat brush is best used for dense coverage.
  • Round brush can be used, on the other hand, to create a light coating. In this case, the additional use of a sponge is often dispensed with. The foundation is applied to the brush and then transferred to the skin in a circular motion. With this method, the tone is easily extinguished and lays down in an even layer.

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