How to properly care for your contact lenses

Not only the effectiveness of vision correction, but also eye health depends on the thoroughness and, most importantly, literacy of contact lens care. Improper care and incorrect lens handling instructions can cause serious vision problems, including loss of vision.

How to care for contact lenses – tell ophthalmologists.

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What should be the daily contact lens care?

  1. Cleaning the surface of the lenses with a special solution.
  2. Washing lenses with a solution.
  3. Disinfection. The lenses are placed in the cells of the container and filled with a solution until they are completely closed for at least 4 hours. In this case, the container lids must be tightly closed.

Daily disinfection and cleaning is carried out immediately after removing the lenses, and the solution is changed in accordance with the instructions for the bottle.

Complementary contact lens care systems – chemical and enzymatic cleaning

In addition to daily cleaning, regular contact lenses also require chemical and enzymatic cleaning… Chemical is carried out every two weeks using peroxide systems.

Enzymatic cleaning (once a week) requires enzymatic tablets. They help to remove the film formed from tear fluid on the surface of the lenses. This film reduces the transparency of the lenses and the comfort of their wearing.

How to choose a contact lens solution

Basic rules for the care of contact lenses.  Drops and containers for storing lenses
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Solutions for proper cleaning of lenses according to the frequency of their use can be divided into enzyme (once a week), daily and multifunctional… The latter greatly facilitate the care of the lenses – they allow you to carry out all the necessary actions in one procedure: cleaning and rinsing, lubricating, if necessary, moistening, storing and diluting the cleaner.

The compatibility of multifunctional solutions with lenses depends on the combination with the lens material and the components of the solution, but, as a rule, almost all such solutions (with rare exceptions) are designed for any type of soft lens. Of course, a consultation with an ophthalmologist will not be superfluous. The main thing is to remember:

  1. Follow the clear instructions on the label.
  2. Do not touch the neck of the bottle to avoid contamination of the solution.
  3. Always close the bottle after use.
  4. Do not use the solution if its expiration date has passed.
  5. When changing from one solution to another, consult your doctor.

Types of lens containers – which one to choose?

The choice of the container depends mainly on the conditions in which it will be used, as well as on the type of contact lenses. Read: How to choose the right contact lenses? The types themselves are not so many as the variety in the design of containers. What are the main differences?

  • Universal containers (for all lenses).
  • Travel containers.
  • Disinfection containers.

Each type is characterized by the presence of two compartments for storing lenses. With different eyesight, it is better to purchase a container with the appropriate marking for each specific compartment (left / right).

Caring for your contact lens case

Lenses cannot be stacked in bulk containers – only one lens per compartment, regardless of the type of lens.
After you put on the lenses, pour the liquid out of the container and rinse with the correct products, then let it dry in the open air.

  1. Change the container to a new one regularly (once a month).
  2. Never wash the container with tap water.
  3. Always use fresh solution when putting on lenses (do not dilute old solution with clean solution).
  4. Heat treatment is required once a week – with steam or boiling water.

Why is it important to properly care for your container? The most famous infectious disease, diagnosed in 85 percent of all cases, is microbial keratitis… Even “safe” ephemeral can provoke infection. And the key source of infection is precisely the container.

Expert advice: how to care for your contact lenses

Basic rules for the care of contact lenses.  Drops and containers for storing lenses
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  1. Clean the lenses immediately after removing them. Take one lens at a time to avoid confusion. Moreover, the first to shoot the one that was put first.
  2. Universal solution for disinfecting lenses cannot be changed to physiological (it has no disinfectant properties).
  3. If the lenses are damaged, they should be replaced. The same as with the expired date (remember to check the expiration date on your lens care products).
  4. Place lenses in a suitable solution overnight.
  5. Do not remove or install lenses with dirty hands (it is obligatory to wash your hands).
  6. Do not be lazy when performing the procedure – strictly follow the instructions for each step.
  7. Clean lenses thoroughly with your fingers, do not skimp on the solution, do not forget to wipe the other side of the lenses.
  8. Prevent lens contamination before putting on and the neck of the container with the solution.
  9. Do not reuse solution (always change when changing lenses).
  10. Make sure all products and solutions were compatible between themselves.
  11. Buy 2-3 containers at onceso that leaving is less troublesome.
  12. Check if you have screwed on the lid tightly container to avoid drying out the lenses.
  13. The lenses in the container must be completely immersed in the liquid… Certain manufacturers have special containers with markings.
  14. Don’t sleep with lenses… This will increase the risk of infection tenfold (except for lenses designed for long-term and continuous wear).
  15. When using the pyroxide cleaning system, before putting on the lenses, make sure that the solution is completely neutralized
  16. Never use tap water (and saliva) to rinse the lenses – only with a solution!
  17. Stop wearing lenses right away if redness begins eye or inflammation.

Ophthalmologist Galina Vykhodtseva told how to wear contact lenses is safe for the eyes

Basic rules for the care of contact lenses.  Drops and containers for storing lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses, they make it possible to see well without optical distortion. In addition, there are situations when wearing glasses is almost impossible or very difficult.

In these cases, contact lenses can also help. But it is very important to follow the rules for wearing lenses, because contact of the lens with the eye must be safe.

  1. If you have never worn lenses, go to a clinic or optician to find the right lenses for you and teach you all lens handling skills. Do not change your own prescription for lenses, do not buy prescription lenses for glasses – they may differ.
  2. Use and remove lenses only with clean hands and in a clean environment. It is not advisable to do this in a shared bathroom, in a public toilet, on a train or plane.
  3. Never wear lenses if you are unwell, sick, if your eyes are red; – Take off your lenses at night if your lenses are not intended for extended wear.
  4. If you do make-up, the procedure is as follows: first put on your lenses in the morning, then do your make-up. In the evening, first remove your lenses, then remove your makeup.
  5. Do not take a shower or bath with lenses, do not go to the sauna, steam bath or pool, do not swim in the lake or sea. If you happen to be at the pond unplanned and did not have time to remove the lenses – avoid splashing water into your eyes. Change lenses to new ones as soon as possible.
  6. Do not start wearing lenses during pregnancy. If you have previously used lenses, see a lens fitter for an eye exam. Do not come to the hospital with lenses, do not give birth in lenses.
  7. Do not use your lenses for longer than indicated. Overstretching the lenses can lead to very serious damage.

Wear your lenses correctly and stay healthy!

8 basic rules of contact lens care from general practitioner, independent expert Regina Shaydullina

Basic rules for the care of contact lenses.  Drops and containers for storing lenses

  1. First of all, it is important to practice good hand hygiene before handling any contact lenses. Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on or removing lenses to prevent infection.
  2. You can not rinse the lenses with plain water, they do it only with a special solution, which can be bought at a pharmacy or in optical salons.
  3. The lens solution must be kept sterile. Never use the solution more than once or transfer it to another storage container.
  4. Do not use medicated eye drops if you have lenses on your eyes. Only moisturizing drops without preservatives can be dripped onto the lenses.
  5. The lens container needs to be changed every 3-5 months.
  6. Do not wear your lenses more than instructed to do so. Questionable cost savings can turn out to be the worst for the eyes.
  7. Do not sleep in lenses, unless they are special night lenses. During sleep, the cornea suffers from a lack of oxygen, and the lens only aggravates this condition.
  8. During ARVI, it is recommended to wear glasses instead of lenses, since wearing the latter can lead to viral, and subsequently bacterial conjunctivitis, which can lead to irreparable consequences.

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